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Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or You*
[1]- She belongs to me, so get your hands off of her, brother
[2]-I don't see your name written anywhere
[3]-It can be arranged, nosy bastard.

"Romano? Who's that?" you can't help but ask, your eyes looking over to see the person of their obvious discomfort. He had tanned skin, red glasses, a deep red jacket over a black shirt, black slacks, a bleach blonde hair with a curl on the left side, and a large scar over his nose and left cheek. The curl looked somewhat similar to Italy's only his odd curl was on the right side.

"He's Italy's older brother," Germany sighed, gritting his teeth as the blonde grew closer. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion; everyone seemed to upset and angry, and yet this "brother" seemed too happy with his adorable smile on his lips.

"There you are, fratello!~ I've been so worried something happened to you," his childish smile turned into a wicked smirk, making your skin crawl at the sight. Maybe that was why?

Italy sighed deeply, glaring up at his brother. "I don't care what you think, idiota. You should be more worried about yourself, you big wuss," he snapped, his eyes glaring daggers at the blonde as he stopped, now in the circle. The blonde's red eyes widened, a look of hurt on his face.

"I'm not a wuss! I'm your older brother, you should respect me!"

"The only respect you can get is from the dead," Germany scowled, his eyes locked with something in the other direction, not wanting to look at Romano. "You can't even stay with the others when we specifically asked you not to come looking for us!"

Romano's face of hurt now turned into one of anger. "And why can't I?" he challenged, his lip turned out in a pouting fashion.

"You have serious diarrhea of the mouth, fratello," Italy explained, putting his hands in his pockets forcefully. "And with that annoying gang of 'Mafia' or whatever, you always give our information to those damned Allies. You think it's cool, but you don't see how much a pain it is for us. Traitors don't get respect."

This Romano character looked hurt, his eyes softening with a mock pain. He looked like a small puppy that had been abused over and over again. "Well maybe if you bastardi would give me a chance," he whispered, folding his arms over his chest in a pouting fashion, his chin low.

Your eyes softened, feeling a bit bad for this man. From the sounds of things, the main Axis powers weren't letting Romano show them what he could do. Maybe there was a slipup that they weren't letting go? "I think everyone deserves a second chance," you quietly spoke, your (color) eyes looking down as you shifted a bit.

The silence was deafening. You could feel their gazes on you, but you were too nervous to look up, to meet their unmoving eyes on you. You stared at the dry ground, suddenly interested in the cracks from dehydration. Why did they always make such weird shapes?

"Finally, someone who believes in me! And this must be that _____ you were talking about~" the blonde Italian's voice spoke, breaking the odd silence that had been settling between the group. When you heard the dirt cracking beneath footsteps, you looked back up to see the said man walking towards you in a powerful stride. Your body tensed at the devious smirk he wore, growing closer. When he finally made it to your side, he turned, placing an arm across your shoulders as he pulled you closer, your head near his neck. "I like this ragazza(girl)~ And she's very bello(beautiful)," he whispered softly, craning his neck to move his face closer to yours.

Hearing a low growling noise, you moved your eyes towards the group, seeing their cold, dead glares at the man currently holding you. Even Japan had a frozen look in his eye, as if his eyes could kill on contact.

"Lei appartiene a me, in modo da mettere le mani fuori di lei, il fratello,"[1] Italy hissed darkly, a deep frown on his lips as the Italian words passed quickly and quietly, in a threatening note. You spoke no Italian, so what he said was a complete mystery to you; however, Romano began to chuckle in his own dark manner, pulling you even closer.

"Is that so, little brother?" he replied. "Non vedo il tuo nome scritto da nessuna parte~" he mocked in return, causing the younger brother to growl from the back of his throat, his fists clenching.

"Può essere disposta, bastardo ficcanaso!" Italy spat back, venom laced in his tone. You couldn't understand anything they were saying, and it was beginning to get aggravating. You understood that it was probably natural to argue in their natural tongue, but maybe they could at least speak some English?

"I doubt it, but for now, we have other important business to take care of," Romano spoke with his signature grin. "I'll show you all how much of a help I can be for the Axis. And I'll start with _____." When the words left his mouth, he released you from his grip, looking down at you as he leaned back a bit.

"And just what do you plan on doing with her?" Germany growled a bit, his gaze darkening under the bill of his hat. This was more intimidating than you thought, and it caused you to shiver a bit. Romano saw this and let his hand slip behind you, resting against the small of your back.

"By showing her the best we have to offer~" he replied, his smirk never leaving. Slowly, his hand shifted, feeling as if it was moving down. Your eyes widened slightly, the fear of where his hand was going causing you to shift your weight so that your waist moved away from him.

"What do you mean by that?" Japan asked, his eyes narrowing slightly, searching Romano's face for any unwanted emotion. He found it as soon as the man's face relaxed, his smirk growing slightly. With that, his hand shifted to the middle of your back, pressing rather roughly against your spine.

"The advantage of being female~" Your eyes widened as his arm snaked around your waist, turning around and pulling you with him. His grip was strong, practically dragging you behind him. You heard the others gasp and growl from behind you, their footsteps sounding quickly.

"Let her go, fratello," Italy warned, causing Romano to stop and turn around once again.

"If you think you're going to g-" Germany began, but was interrupted.

"Oh calm down! You all act like I'm going to rape her or something. I was just going to show her where to get some better clothes," he replied, sounding more agitated then anything. He then gripped the black tank top of Japan's you were wearing. "These are filthy and smell like sweat! Ick. We need to get some new clothes on this ragazza, and I know the perfect place~" he spoke proudly.

"I don't care, you can't t-" Italy then began, only to be cut off by you.

"Guys, stop. Maybe this is a good thing," you spoke out, catching their eyes. "You didn't let me bring any of my clothes, so… why not?" you shrugged your shoulders, trying to point out a logical fact. Germany shared a quick glace with Italy before once again turning back to you. Italy sighed heavily.

"Alright, since you think it'll be a good idea. But," he paused, his eyes staring hard at yours, "if he tries anything, or lets anything slip to those damned Allies, you get away from him and find us," he explained to you, his tone very serious. All you could do was nod before you were once again turned around, being pulled alongside Romano.


"Here, try this one on! It'll look fabulous on you~" Romano held up yet another miniskirt. So far, you had tried on two shirts, a pair of pants, and about seven miniskirts. And he still had a pile of lacey underwear in his hands.

"Don't you think maybe it's time to try on something different?" you asked, making your way over towards a particular (color) shirt. "I think this one looks cute," you smiled, picking it from the display. Romano huffed behind you in a pout.

"But you only have one more miniskirt, and I found all of this pretty underwear for you too! I mean, who can turn down animal print?~" he cooed, examining the underwear he was speaking of. Not only was it leopard print, but it was pink; probably the brightest pink you've ever seen! This world didn't usually have color, but when it did, Romano seemed to be the first to find it.

With a heavy sigh, you put the shirt over your arm and grabbed the underwear he was holding up. "Alright, I'll try it on. But after this, we're done, okay?" you tried to reason with him. He nodded excitedly at you.

"Here, let me take these clothes you like," he offered, taking the shirts and other clothes you had picked out. With that, he watched you go into the fitting room. "Don't forget to show me when you're done, bella~" he sang happily.

You rolled your eyes, stripping down and fitting the underwear on, along with the matching bra. Looking in the mirror, you saw it wasn't that bad really. They fit oddly comfortable, and with a couple of outfits you picked out, it would be even more comfortable.

After trying on a few more pairs, you picked the ones with your favorite designs, leaving the rest. You walked out to see a disappointed Romano; he was really looking forward to seeing you in those underwear. He offered to pay for your things, and you happily thanked him.

At the register, something caught your eye. Looking back into the store, you saw a smaller man with pale blonde hair, wearing an odd blue and pink outfit. And the colors weren't dull, they were rather bright. It was normal to see pink, but blue? Looking closer, you saw that his eyes were a matching blue, with another color hinted in them. You couldn't tell from the distance, but you saw enough. Then, the man looked up at you, his eyes widening. Confused, you turned back to Romano, seeing him gathering the bags.

"Are you ready?" he asked with a smile. You nodded quickly, wanting to get away from the awkward air. He grabbed your wrist and once again drug you, only this time it was to the outside of the store. When you passed the doors, you began to relax a little. It was getting dark, the sky turning into a fiery orange, rather than its normal maroon color. The sunsets were always beautiful to you. You just loved seeing a different color than red.

"So, I suppose it's time we get back to our base?" Romano asked, a smile still on his face. This was odd; you hadn't seen this kind of smile on him yet. It was kind, and soft; even his eyes looked softly at you.

"Yeah," you agreed absentmindedly, eyes still fixed on his smile. His grip tightened, pulling you behind him as he took a turn down the road, in the opposite direction you came from. "I think we're going to the wrong way," you commented, looking behind you, and then returning your eyes ahead of you. Romano was still looking forward, and you couldn't make out any features of his face.

"Nope~ We're taking a shortcut so we can there before dark," he replied, still not turning around. You were a little confused, but believed in anyways. The last time he promised you something, it had a double meaning. But now, he was acting so calm and collected, surely he meant what he was saying. A shortcut, there were a million you could take to get back to the house, so this was making more sense.

After a few more minutes, you began to wander into unfamiliar territory. Your heart rate picked up, eyes widening. Everything was getting darker as the sun began to set, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to see. From what you could make it, you were near many dead trees, and they seemed to be reaching out to you, trying to desperately snatch up anything they could get a hold of.

"R-Romano? Are you sure we're going in the right direction?" you asked, worried. This wasn't looking good. All this time, he hadn't spoken a single word to you about where you were going, or anything for that matter.

"Absolutely~ Don't worry that pretty little heart of yours~" he cooed, looking back with a small smirk. Your heart raced, this couldn't be good. Something was wrong; very wrong! You had to get away. He was planning something, you had to get away! Desperately, you tried to pull from his grip, only to have it tighten painfully. It felt like your wrist was ready to shatter. "Don't resist, _____. The result will be the same~" he chuckled darkly.

Suddenly, he stopped, causing you to bump into him. However, before you could look around, he yanked you around his form so that you were in front of him, facing a tall figure. Your eyes widened as deep red eyes stood out against the darkness. This man was huge!

"It's about damn time," the voice growled. When the accent hit your eyes, your heart stopped. He was Russian. Russians were known to be heartless and unforgiving. There have been stories of what they do to people who break their laws, and people who aggravate them. They're like ticking time bombs, and from all the wars they went through, they had a short fuse.

"Sorry, I had to make sure my idiota fratello didn't follow us," he grumbled, suddenly releasing his grip on you. Your mind was screaming at you. Now's your chance! Run! Don't look back! They're going to kill you! RUN! However, your body was frozen as the Russian's face became more clear to see as your eyes adjusted. "But she's here now, so do what you need to. Make sure you don't kill her~," Romano's words snapped you from a slight haze.

"Whatever," he spoke boredly, suddenly lifting a long, thick object into the air. You couldn't tell what it was, but it looked heavy. Suddenly, you saw a flash from the object, it was most likely metallic, and then it collided with the top of your head.

A shriek of pain and shock tore from your throat as you dropped to the cold, dry dirt behind you, your hands gripping your throbbing head. Your fingers were tangled in your head as it suddenly grew warm and sticky. You were bleeding.

"I said don't kill her!" Romano's voice rang out, but you couldn't make out exactly what he began to rant afterwards, followed by the low grumble of the Russian. All you could hear was the ringing in your ears. You felt hot ears run from your eyes, dripping past your nose and down towards the ground, some gather in your ear from the way you were laying on your side. Your head hurt. Your heart hurt. He tricked you, and now you were scared. Were you even going to live?

Looking up slightly, your vision was blurred, but you could make out the sight of the moon, dancing in odd circles in your eyes. You were going to pass out, but you didn't want to. What if you didn't wake up? What were they going to do to you?

What's going to happen to me?
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Finally! The long awaited chapter 3! :dummy: And 2P!Romano! It's finally here! And what's this? 2P!Russia?! :la: You're getting all kinds of guys!

Not much else to say, except I'm hoping on bring the 2P!Axis back in the next chapter, if my creative mind will let me... :iconfrynotsureifplz:

Once again, four deviations in one day... I'm on a roll! But sadly that roll is over now... Because now I have things to do in real life. :saddummy:

But I will try and update soon, my pretties~ :iconluvluvplz:

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OTL I love this series. I knew I'd get caught eventually, but I'm kinda excited to see my 2p!Alfie. I pray he doesn't try to torture me....Unless it's sexua--/shot
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