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July 10, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
This was a commission from *PokeBW4Evr who wanted another 2P!Japan reader insert, with a lemon ^^ She requested that this be extremely detailed and have 2P!Japan stay in character, so I gave it my all. Please imagine this in a historical time before cars and technology like lights :3 I’d also like to say THANK YOU for being SO patient! Seriously, it’s been a real relief to be able to relax and enjoy writing this!
**I do NOT own Hetalia, the characters, or the reader. I only own the plot**


Demons. Most believe them to be physical beings composed of utter terror and malevolence. For others, they were devious internal judgments that controlled the minds of the weak and dependent. For him, it was something created when he gazed down at a still body of water: a reflection of what he truly was on the inside and out. Something he could no longer deny of himself.

He could also no longer deny the warm, tingling feelings he received when his ruby red eyes caught sight of a certain female form. Oh how he wanted to wrap his strong arms around that perfect form and hold it against him, keeping it away from the evils around him. He wanted to protect it from darkness and tribulations, but that would mean keeping it safe from himself. He knew that he was dangerous, but he couldn’t stay away. You were the light that shooed away lurking shadows like him, complete opposites; however, it’s said that opposites tend to attract.


Kuro was cleaning his lengthy katana with a dirtied, cream colored cloth stained with dried crimson fluid of others’ lives. He despised the grubbiness of his blade, and always kept it free of debris so that the metal would gleam under any light. As he finished and placed the torn rag on the small box next to him, he raised his rapier high into the cool night hair, admiring how the blade glittered an array of cerulean under the rays of the moon. He then sheathed the blade, ears twitching at the familiar, graceful sound of scraping metal. His blade was his pride, honor, and protection. Without it, he would be nothing. The only other thing that came close to comparison, was you.

A deep breath escaped his lips as he hung his head, taking a seat against the solid Sakura tree trunk. His stone cold heart yearned like a lost puppy looking for a companion. He desperately wanted to see you again. A small smile passed his lips as he thought of your reaction if he dropped in for a visit and your flustered worry over small details like making dinner or preparing green tea in your white porcelain kettle.

However, if he were to visit you, would he be able to control himself? Or would he submit to the tempting desires that filled his warm blood? The desire to caress your smooth, flawless skin as it was pressed against his like ice on fire engulfed him. He could use his hands to explore your entire being, touching and stroking places others only dreamed of. The sounds of your labored breathing and mewls of pleasure echoed from his imagination as his body grew rigid and warm. He wanted to feel you, every bit of you. Nothing would be left behind, and nothing would be safe.

He growled huskily as his ivory teeth gritted together painfully; how could he even speak to you when all he wanted to do was ravish you until you screamed for mercy? There was no chance of him being able to contain himself; he would just have to keep his distance like always.


You had been tending to family business needs when you received a letter from your brother of your grandmother’s passing. The news was heartbreaking for you, though you had only known your grandmother for a few years. Within the parchment paper was the date of the funeral and the place. The place was a day’s travel by horse through a large forest that created the barrier between your current town and the town of your family members. The only source of a road was a beaten path by horse hooves, so you would need a guide as well.

Without a moment to waste, you found a large sized bag and piled in your outdoor and formal clothing; most of which were dresses. You then tucked in a few pairs of shoes and some thin jackets. Next, you stored your sleeping gown, followed by your sleeping mat and a small pillow for your head. Anything other necessities were thrown in as you wandered around the room, going through a mental checklist.

When all seemed completed, you walked to the nearest outlet store and asked for a guide. The guide that volunteered was a large, husky man of great stature, standing at least six and a half feet tall. He wore a sleeveless top, showing his extremely thick arms, and some pants that seemed a few sizes too small for comfort. His ebony hair was trimmed fairly short and his square jaw was set in stone. You weren’t going to lie; this man made you feel uncomfortable, but he was the only guide in the small, one story building, and with arms that big, nothing was a match for him.


The moment you returned home, your bodybuilder protector behind you, you set your leather saddle onto your (color) mare’s back. After strapping and cinching down, you swung your bag of attire onto the graceful animal’s rump, strapping it to the saddle as well. Changing the halter out for a bridle, decorated with hand carved medallions, you jumped up onto the animal’s back, feeling the muscles shift from underneath you as it adjusted to the new weight.

“Are you ready to go?” you turned your head and asked the guide. The man was already placed on a very robust looking sorrel gelding, his own bag of supplies strapped to the animal’s rump.  His chocolate eyes nodded to you as he sent a charming smile your way; you turned your head back and started towards the trees.

The guide took the lead, allowing you to travel closely behind him, as he stepped onto the beaten path, barely noticeable. The horses walked cautiously over the groundcover of grass and ferns, brushing by the roots of Sakura trees that protruded from the earth. You had to duck your head every now and then for a low branch, but for the majority of the trip, you could sit straight in your saddle.

“What’s the occasion?” the man asked in his deep voice from ahead of you, his words slightly slurred due to his position.

“My grandmother’s funeral,” you replied bluntly, keeping your (color) eyes on the path ahead.

“And you’re going alone? Have you no spouse?” the man asked, turning his head to the side to peer over his shoulder, making his words more clear.

“No, but I know a man,” you once again replied, your thoughts beginning to change from the lush, emerald green forest to a certain ebony haired man. He went by the name Kuro Honda, and he had always been a welcomed friend. You two had known each other for several years; ever since he began training. It had always been his dream to become a ninja or assassin, or even a warrior in battle. He couldn’t get enough of the thrill, and you knew it when you saw him battle others. But it seemed that no matter how cold he grew while dueling, he would always thaw out when he returned to your presence.

A grumble from in front of you tore you from the thoughts. You thought you heard the guide say something, but he didn’t repeat himself or look back at you. Perhaps he was getting sore in the legs. Riding horses isn’t the easiest job in the world.

After a few hours, your rear end began to get slightly sore from slipping back and forth in the saddle. Granted you should have been used to it, but with the unfamiliar terrain and your (color) mare having to abruptly stop or suddenly jerk forward, it wasn’t taking much to cause a sore. And your guide must have been experiencing the same, for he suddenly stopped his gelding and dismounted from the steed. You followed his actions, having a bit of difficulty as your foot couldn’t find the stirrup and you nearly fell off your mare.

As you landed, you grabbed onto the reins of the animal, pulling them over the head and using them to lead the mare towards a tree; it was a perfect place to tie your mare up so she would not run free. As you tied the knot, your guide seemed to hover behind you. Carefully you turned around to find him inches from you; this frightened you slightly.

“I’m guessing we’re going to take a break?” you asked him, clarifying his intentions and reasons of stopping the travel. The man nodded, turning on his heel as he strolled back to his gelding, reaching into a saddle bag on the animal’s rump and pulling out something wrapped in a burlap cloth. You watched curiously as he unraveled the cloth, revealing a fresh loaf of wheat bread and two bright crimson apples, gleaming in the light.

“Just a short break,” he confirmed, taking the loaf in each hand tearing the fluffy sustenance in half, offering one half to you. You graciously took it, nodding your head in a silent thank you as you brought the food to your lips, sinking your teeth into the fluffy bread and ripping a small chunk off. It was nice, being able to relax amongst the forest with the leaves dancing over your head, the breeze tugging on your (color) locks of hair. You closed your eyes as you continued to munch on the bread, leaning your head back against the trunk of the tree as you inhaled the intoxicating scent of green leaves and moist grass.

“It’s a shame you have your eyes on another man,” your guide started in a resentful tone, “because you’re very beautiful.”

You cheeks heated lightly at his words; no one ever called you beautiful. However, you had to remain cautious of this man. “Thank you,” you simply replied to him, taking another bite of your wheat bread as you once again relaxed, hoping the conversation was over between you and this rather persistent guide.

“I have no spouse,” he then added, and you heard the crunching of the apple, knowing he had taken his first bite. A few muffled crunches later and he continued. “I doubt he will treat you with the proper respect you deserve; he’ll probably lower you to the level of an ordinary whore in the brothel,” he scoffed the last part, trying, and succeeding, on irritating your nerves. Your (color) eyes snapped open in ablaze, a huff of air leaving your nose as you glared at the cocky, confident guide.

“Kuro is ten times the man you will ever be. To start, he is never immature with how he handles his emotions,” you snapped at the ebony haired guide, causing him to look up from his half eaten apple. His eyes narrowed dangerously as he reproached you from his distance. He was only about five yards away from your current position.

“Secondly, he would never persist when I say that imply that I’m not interested in swine like you,” you snarled, having grown irritated by his actions. The man simply put his eaten apple down on the ground, letting it roll over onto the uneaten side, before swiftly standing and beginning to stalk towards you.

Your eyes widened slightly as fear swelled within your chest, your heart racing. What was he doing? Was he going to hurt you? Those thoughts were thrown out of your imaginary window as he knelt down above you, putting his fingers through your (color) hair, grabbing a large tuft of your locks. You flinched at the stinging pain on your scalp as he yanked the hair upwards. Your chin was lifted as you let your head fall back, trying to lessen the pain. If looks could kill, this man would be nothing but a smoldering pile of dried ash for handling you the way he currently was.

“Would you like to belittle me again?” he asked in a dangerous tone as his face grew close to yours; the venom was practically spilling into your lap. You simply scrunched your face in disgust, swiftly spitting into his angered face. The man reacted with a screech of anger, his hand yanking your head forward as he stumbled back. You cried out at the pain in your scalp, digging your nails into his wrist. The ebony haired man released another howl of pain, finally losing his grip on your silky (color) tresses.

In that moment, you scurried to your feet frantically, running to your trusted horse. Without another thought, you threw the reins over the animal’s neck, hoisting yourself up onto the saddle before digging your heels into the (breed)’s ribs. The animal shook its head, snorting hot air from its nostrils, before breaking out in a run into the mysterious, unfamiliar forest. You could barely hear the sound of a second set of hooves behind you.


Kuro watched from his branch, looking around the forest for a decent lunch, or what could be made into one. He didn’t mind the natural herbs and wild vegetables, but he was still a human and would enjoy some protein in his diet. Well, he thought he was human.

His ears tuned in to the sound of hooves beating against the damp soil, snapping fallen twigs and leaves as they grew closer to him. His eyes grew wide with curiosity as he let himself fall from the branches, skillfully swinging down until he was within a few feet from the ground. He landed, bending his knees to lessen the initial shock to his joints. By then the noise was quiet loud, but it was beginning to move to the right. Carefully and quietly, he sprinted to a large bunch of shrubs, peering through them as he gazed at the source at the sound.

His crimson eyes narrowed as he witnessed something unexpected: you. And even worse, you were being chased by a frustrated man. Something was wrong, and he wasn’t going to let anything happen. A deep feeling of possessiveness boiled within his stomach as he ran out into the trail. He planned his projectile so that he could cut off your pursuer, meeting him at nearly the perfect time. With a powerful launch, the lunged at the man’s body; they collided with a great force, nearly knocking the horse off of its feet as Kuro and the man tumbled to the ground, rolling upon impact of the cool soil. When the crimson eyed man gazed down at the stranger, he could see the pure, unadulterated horror reflecting in his wide eyes. Perhaps he felt it, his power and rage. It was legitimate that the man be worried; he had reason to be. After all, this man just sealed his fate in a nice little letter, folded it up and tossed it into the fire of Hell.


You ran your horse hard until you were physically fatigued from the constant jolting and bouncing with your saddle. “Woah-ing” your horse to a stop, you gave a cursory glance behind you to ensure you were no longer pursued. When you saw nothing but the vibrant greens of the forest, you released a loud breath of relief. Knowing you were no longer being followed, you clambered down off of your mare, leaving the reins draped over her neck. With that done, you walked to the nearest Sakura tree and placed your trembling hands on the calloused bark, the grooves feeling odd underneath your palm. Your breathing was coming out in heavy pants, your chest heaving as your heart twitched rapidly and uncomfortably.

You were so caught up in trying to slow our beating heart, breathing in through your nose and out your mouth, that you failed to hear a figure walking towards you from behind. You nearly leapt from your skin into the tree branches above when a single hand was placed on your shoulder. Out of instinct, you turned around, bringing your hand with you, prepared to strike the intruder. However, your wrist was roughly seized, being held away with a stone grip. Your (color) eyes looked immediately to the individual that captured you, staring directly into ruby red orbs that swirled with heated emotions.

“Kuro,” you breathed, your eyes softening as a soft frown took place on your lips. You were unaware that he dwelled within this forest; although, that would explain why he has gone unseen for so long. Your wrist relaxed, your hand going from a resilient position to a flaccid state under his touch. He would never hurt you.

“What are you doing out here, let alone with that man?” His voice sliced through the air like a sharpened rapier, his eyes unmoving as they gazed intensely into yours; you could practically feel the tension caress your face. You had not been around this man for so long, and that’s the greeting you received?

“It’s good to see you as well,” you addressed with sarcasm laced within your words. You then shrugged your wrist out of his grasp, putting your arms around your middle, as if you were cold, and continued to hold his gaze. His eyes narrowed just a fraction of a centimeter as his lips tugged south at your retort.

“I saved your life; I could have left that man and allowed his taking advantage of you,” he pointed out, his breathing gradually beginning to pick up pace. Internally, he was battling his spirits and emotions to keep them contained. And you could see it in his eyes.

When Kuro realized that you were gazing deeply into his passionate crimson orbs, he quickly turned his back to you. He couldn’t allow you to witness his flaws; the last thing he wished for was to strike fear into your heart with seeing his demons. Too many loved ones had fled upon witnessing his anger, frustration, and salacity. Too many loved ones had been attacked by his uncontrollable outbursts. He couldn’t let that happen again.

“Follow me,” he commanded, beginning to walk towards your mare. Your eyes rose in confusion as he stopped at the neck of your steed, gently caressing her. You followed his request and trailed behind him, stopping when you arrived at his side. He sent you a cursory glance before sticking a foot in the stirrup and gripping the saddle, pulling himself up into seat without difficulty. He then looked down at you expectantly, his expression telling you to continue following his orders. With a soft sigh, you gripped the saddle and pulled yourself up as well, ungracefully swinging your leg over the animal so that you were seated normally. When you finally found a comfortable position in the saddle, you wrapped your arms around Kuro’s middle to prevent falling. He immediately stiffened, his stomach muscles flexing warily under your touch. Without another moment, he jammed his heels into the animal’s side, and began through the forest at a trot.


By the time he maneuvered the horse towards his small shelter of a house, you were fast asleep under the evening sky, your face pressing against his back lazily. He couldn’t quite comprehend how you were able to sleep on the back of a moving horse, but he remembered that you tended to act differently from the norm. He would have to ask what possessed you to take a journey through this particular forest when you awoke.

Carefully, he stopped the horse at the minor clearing and unwrapped your arms from around him. Releasing the reins, he dismounted. His feet crunched over the grass as he reached up and wrapped his arms around your waist from your side, pulling you down from the horse’s back. He was genuinely surprised when you had not woken from his actions. He gently settled you onto your feet before wrapping his arms underneath your knees and lifting you, carrying you as you splayed out over his arms like a princess being carried by her knight.

He crouched underneath the handmade cover made of twigs laced with dried leaves as he looked into the crowded room. It was a small shack made of thin tree trunks and large branches, all woven together tightly to create sturdy, durable walls from the predictors that roamed the forest floor. The floor was carefully scraped away, leaving only clean dirt void of any weeds or unwanted vegetation. The roof was also crafted with branches and leaves, but also of grasses. There was a thin bed of green, lush leaves crafted in Japanese futon style that lie in the middle of the room. The only other objects in the room were Kuro’s bucket for washing, some other weapons, and a small ring of burnt rocks were a fireplace was made. He didn’t have much to work with, he had actually stolen the bucket from a passerby, but he did as was necessary for survival.

Your slight movements from beside him woke him from his thoughts, and his ruby red orbs snapped down to your face, watching as you lazily opened your eyes to soak in your surroundings. He felt slightly amused when your (color) eyes widened, trying to figure out your location.

“You are in my humble abode,” he spoke in a calming tone, gently letting you down onto your feet once again. You wobbly stood on your shoes-clad feet, gripping onto Kuro’s ebony colored sleeve of cloth before you released him, standing on your own. You looked around, taking in the surroundings; it could use a woman’s touch…desperately.

“Not much here,” you walked around, examining how the walls were tightly pulled together, held together with their own extremities. You then turned back towards him, seeing his figure shadowed by the fiery crimson and violet sky behind him, enhancing the ruby pigment of his demonic eyes. His eyes were steadily focused in on you, as if he couldn’t look away; this brought slight discomfort to you, seeing his heated gaze.

“I spend most of my time at the hot spring not far from here,” he explained, his arms crossing over his chest as his eyes never left yours. His breathing was steady and unwavering as he continued to unsettle you. “I will show you,” he simply stated, unfolding his arms and turning swiftly on his heel before storming out of the shelter.

With a soft sigh, you followed him closely; it couldn’t be helped. As you strode behind him, you noticed yet another clearing ahead of you. Your eyes danced between the swaying trees and the animated ferns that seemed to bend with the slight breeze. As your (color) orbs inspected the area around you, you took a moment to glance up into the sky, seeing the sun was still setting behind the horizon; it wouldn’t be long before night drew upon the forest. A few small dots of light could be seen against the violet and crimson night sky, allowing you to foreshadow a star-filled night.

Suddenly, Kuro halted and you nearly ran into his back had you not seen his movements seize. You then stepped to the side, face flustered, as you looked ahead of the area and spotted a small, clean hot spring that emitted rolling steam that spiraled into the air before vanishing out of sight. With a bright smile, you took a step closer to the spring, removing a single shoe, and testing the water with your toe. It was warm, but not scalding like you imagined.

Behind you, you heard the rustling of clothes pierce through the calm silence. Your cheeks flushed, anxious to look back; however, your curiosity seemed to get the best of you as your head turned swiftly to glance back. Your eyes widened before you snapped your head forward towards the steaming water. He was already nude! Had he been training in removing his clothes? No man you knew could remove his shoes that fast!

You then saw Kuro walk by from your peripheral vision before you turned around once again, leaving your back turned to him. You could hear the water calmly ripple as he submerged himself, followed by a soft sigh. That one small sound was enough to cause a shudder to travel down your spine, only imaging the look on his smooth, flawless face.

“Care to join me?” Kuro’s voice filled the air as you continued to remain turned away. The very thought of jumping into that steaming water and letting it work its warm fingers around your tense, aching muscles sounded delightful-no, that was an understatement. Mind blowing. However, you couldn’t possibly let Kuro see you in your most vulnerable state, especially with him nude as well. The thought of being so close to him caused your face to flush deeply; the spring was so small that one could not stretch their body about horizontally. That meant that you would even closer to him. But…that sounded nice as well.

With a sigh of mental frustration, you began to undo the wrapping of your kimono, stepping out of your one remaining shoe. “Fine, just don’t look,” you warned him, nearing a hum in response; you guessed it to be approval. Cheeks flustered, heart racing, you quickly shed your kimono and undergarments, letting them fall to the ground inelegantly in a pool of clothing. As you turned to walk back towards the hot spring, you noticed Kuro’s brilliant ruby eyes were watching you like a predator, a small grin on his lips. Your mouth gaped at him as you quickly covered your womanly bits, a hand over your lower region and an arm stretched over your exposed chest.

“I told you not to look!” you carped, quickly walking to the edge and slipping into the warm water, hands still covering your personal areas despite the opaque, steamy water covering your skin.

“And why not?” Kuro refuted, his eyes gazing intensely into yours. You felt frozen to the spot, tempted to look into those crimson jewels of fire. At first you saw playfulness and teasing, but as you gazed longer, the feelings began to grow more torrid. This caused another shudder to leave your body, your stomach feeling cramped. Quickly looking away, you huffed. “You’re too innocent,” he spoke.

“You’re too boorish,” you glared at the tree to your right, not wanting to make eye contact with him.

“You don’t realize how long I’ve waited to see you again,” he spoke out of the blue. Your eyes widened slightly at his confession, but you didn’t look back at him. You could still feel his piercing gaze on you, like fire at your side. He gave a small chuckle, “And how much longer I’ve waited to see all of you.” You had nothing to say to him, baffled by his comment.

An awkward pause filled the air before he spoke again. “You never told me exactly why you were traveling in this forest,” he began, probing for an answer. Your gaze fell, your eyes softening as you recalled the reason. Disappointment filled your heart when you realized that there was no possible way of making it on time. You might as well get the guilt off your shoulders while you still had the chance.

“My grandmother passed recently, and I was informed of her services only today. I was going to the next town over, where the service is being held, to attend it. However, I needed a guide for I knew not the path of this forest,” you started, sighing at the memory of your guide. “He then persisted with crude comments, and I suppose you saw what happened next,” you finished, looking over to him for just a moment. You saw understanding in his eyes, as well as frustration. How could such a man hold so many emotions?

“That unfortunate to hear about your grandmother, but I am thankful that I was able to find you. To me, that’s all that matters,” he spoke with a husky tone. Your eyes widened slightly as he began to move towards you, the water parting for his broad chest as he crept closer to you. In reaction, you pushed yourself more against the wall, eyes darting to the side as your cheeks flushed, your heart rate picking up once again. Before you could respond, you felt hot breath on your neck, hotter than the steaming water you were relaxing in-or at least were trying to relaxing in.

A small squeak of surprise left your lips when you felt his hands searching underwater, trying to find yours. Your eyes darted back to his scorching cherry orbs as he finally found your wrists, pulling them away from your body and to the side. As you looked into his eyes once again, you felt something inside your stomach turn to ice as a strange emotion swirled in his eyes. They were torrid and passionate, but as he pressed his body to yours, they grew dark and malicious. You couldn’t pull yourself away from his gaze, as if some force was keeping you locked onto his sight.

You flinched as he broke his intense gaze, lifting his head to your ear, his scalding breath eliciting a shiver from you as you writhed beneath him. “I want to destroy you,” he whispered hotly, his hands moving from your wrists to your waist. You squeaked, face flushed at his confession. You put your hands on his chest, eyes widening as he lifted you from the water and placed your rear on the soft, cool grass on the edge.

“Kuro, I-“ Before you could finish, he raised himself from the water and pushed your shoulders down until your back came into contact with the moist grass. “Kuro, this is so sudden!” you cried as he hovered over you, his eyes taking in your form as they traveled from your lips to your heaving chest and then finally to his prize between your legs. His eyes then snapped back up to yours, fiery passion swirling out of control in his orbs.

“I’ve been waiting too long,” he replied, his arms visibly shaking. “I’ve battered down these feelings inside me for far too long. I should have taken you as mine all those years ago, and I regret having not expressed my feelings sooner, but I was afraid. Afraid that I wouldn’t be able to control myself and I would unintentionally cause you harm,” he finished, leaning down and nibbling on our neck roughly, taking a piece of the flesh between his teeth and rubbing them back and forth. You cried out, putting your hands on his chest as you attempted to push him away; your attempts were futile.

He then pulled his teeth away long enough to mumble, “I’ve been wallowing in this lust for you, letting it grow. Now, there’s no turning back,” before he lowered his head to your chest. You moved your hands to his hair as he took one of your perked buds into his mouth, a hand moving from beside your head to massage the other. You mewled under his attention, rubbing your legs together as an uncomfortable heat filled your lower region. It felt good, these things he was doing to you. You could feel his undeniable need, that desperate motive that fueled his hunger.

He only licked your bud for a brief moment before he traveled to your lower lips, spreading your legs to allow easier access to what he desired. You threw your head back as he delved in without hesitation, his tongue sliding passed your previously moistened folds, courtesy of the hot spring, and began to ravage your insides like a hungry animal. His tongue was swift and powerful as he carved out your inner walls like a pumpkin during Halloween. His fingers pressed sharply into your thighs as he pushed them apart, wanting to get deeper inside. You writhed at the immense pleasure he was giving you, your legs quivering as a knot began forming in your stomach.

Kuro could feel your inner walls clenching down on his pink muscle, and he mentally screamed at himself to stop and prolong your release. However, his body refused to listen to his orders, blinded by the euphoric feeling of his tongue swirling around your insides and tasting your sweet nectar, and continued his onslaught. He growled at his body’s lack of acting on his mental orders, cursing himself for losing his self-control so early into the heated session. He wanted to tease you, to let you understand the feelings he endured while he awaited you once again, but it appeared that all he truly wanted was to release this pent up tension he had developed towards you.

Suddenly, you gave a cry of pleasure as your lower half squirmed around, causing his tongue to fall from your sweet core as his eyes moved from your dripping entrance to your pleasure-filled face, your brows knitting together as your head lolled back. A delighted shiver tore through his body as he watched you endure your first release; it was exhilarating. He could feel heat rush to his groin as his mind grew slightly fuzzy; it was as if seeing you in such a pleasured state gave him symptoms similar to drugs.

Without a moment to allow the wonderful feeling to leave, he crawled up your quaking body once again, keeping his hands tight on your trembling thighs as they remained spread wide for him. He knew you would be tighter after your release, but he could only imagine how much more the pleasure would increase once you grew accustomed to him. Breathing heavier than normal, his ruby eyes gawked down at you with longing and passion, as well as with a demonic need to dominate your body and mind. He didn’t want you, he needed you, now.

“_____, this is going to hurt,” he spoke softly, swiftly swooping down and stealing a cursory kiss full of desperation before leaning back up to watch you. You simply nodded to him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you prepared yourself for him. You hadn’t realized his feelings, but now that he was able to express them to you so freely, you understood. He loved you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. All those years of wishing to see him were signs, signs that you needed him presence around you. You had always told yourself that he was just a friend that you had lost, but this friendship seemed to act like a mythical phoenix: dying as an old, broken form and being reborn anew with passion and strength.

Deep waves of pain through your nerves caused your mind to return to the situation before you, causing your back to arch as you cried out. Kuro simply watched you with glazed eyes as he soaked in the wonderful feeling of finally being inside your silky walls, finally making you his. He groaned loudly as he thrust forward, completely burying himself within your core, relishing the startled cry you released.

The next few minutes seemed like eternity as he rolled his hips around the slightest, giving you time to adjust while he remained enraptured by your heat, as well as the satisfaction swimming through his veins. As you began to writhe at his small actions, he could feel you relax around him, your body finally accepting what he was delivering to you. With a sudden jolt of his hips, a moan was torn from your throat. The sound pleased him, encouraging him to create more of them from your sweet lips. He repeated his action, pushing his pleasure center deeply into your soaked lower region.

He began a steady pace, his hands on either side of your head as he rocked his body back and forth slowly. You could see how violently he was shaking, clenching his teeth as he closed his eyes tightly. You could feel how he restricted himself, not letting his true desires take control, and it was killing him. Softly, you leaned up to his ear, muttering a single sentence to him. “I’m not going to break.”

His ruby orbs pierced into your (color) ones, a grin on his lips. Something seemed different about them; they seemed…demonic and crazed. A gruff “hn” was your warning before he began to pound wildly into you, unleashing his frustration and passion that he had built up for so long. You cried with every thrust of his hips, his nails digging into your sides to leave crescent shaped scars as he held your hips in place. Your nails dug into his arched back, dragging them across the slickened skin as your mind grew fuzzy, barely able to register what was happening.

He continued to move against you roughly, unable to take his eyes away from your pleasure-filled expression, your face contorted and your lips parted in breathy moans as he continued at his rapid pace. It felt amazing to free his demons, to allow them liberty to please you as he pleased himself. He initially held hear of causing you pain, but that fear slipped his mind when you granted him his desire.

Suddenly, you let out a particularly throaty moan as the knot reformed in your stomach, signaling the approach of your second release. You gripped Kuro’s slick skin tightly, wanting to bring yourself over the edge quickly. He could feel you begin to tighten around him, and he realized he was far from done. With a small grin, he continued at his relentless pace, moving your hips upward slightly to get a better angle. With the new angle, it was only a few thrusts before you released once again, your body shaking in spasms as he rode out your release. You panted heavily as he slowed down, his breathing rigid as well.

You sighed softly when he pulled out of you; you then sighed as you let your head fall to the side, your eyes closed as you thought he was done. Without warning, he flipped you over onto your back, lifting your hips so that they were high in the air. You inhaled sharply when you felt him reenter your lower lips from behind, his hands holding you firmly like before. He then began to pound into you once again, the feeling of your silky folds drenched in your sweet nectar causing his mind to once again grow nebulous. You continued to moan at his onslaught, your center now more sensitive than before.

Your eyes focused forward as your chest lie on the cool grass, being rocked back and forth rapidly. You looked out towards the sky, watching as the sky began to grow navy blue and deep violet; it had already been that long? Your thoughts were torn as you felt a small stinging sensation on your thigh; he had slapped you. You gasped out as the area throbbed in heated pain. You hadn’t expected him to act that way, but your mind was so jumbled that you couldn’t think straight.

With a few more thrusts, the knot began rebuilding inside. He was thrusting deeper than before, and with your core already sensitive, you expected that your limits were near their end. Kuro seemed to feel it again as well, but this time, he began to slow down. You groaned out as he slowed; he was teasing you, bringing you to the edge of your climax and then pulling you down only to start up again.

“Kuro, just get it over with,” you begged him, receiving a chuckle in response. He kept his slowed pace, his body shaking still. You knew he was beginning to regain his self-control, but he couldn’t have garnered it back entirely. You knew him to have a strong will, but everyone’s walls must tumble down eventually.

His pace increased once again, rapidly thrusting into your core as he yanked you back onto him roughly. Nothing could hold back the sounds of satisfaction you released, fists clenching into the grass behind you. The bubble began to inflate inside of you once again, becoming uncomfortably tight. You were so close, just a little a more.

And he slowed down again, causing the bubble to deflate rapidly. You groaned in frustration, a single hand reaching under your body and touching your core where your bodies were connected.

“If you don’t hurry, I’ll finish it myself,” you threatened him, beginning to rub your bundle of nerves. Kuro growled at this, reaching under and grabbing onto your wrist as he pulled it away from your body.

“Over my dead body,” he hissed, beginning to thrust into you again. He released your wrist in favor for your hip, holding it tightly as he pounded into you at his frantic pace. The bubble immediately began to reform, growing tight and uncomfortable in your stomach. Suddenly, Kuro lifted a single leg, creating yet another angle. A gasp tore through your throat at first, the new sensation sending you over the edge. You screamed his name as you released once again; and this time, Kuro wasn’t far off. As you shook through your spasms, Kuro continued to pound into you, his release coming in spurts as he shook violently.

Panting, you felt him once again pull out. You collapsed onto the moist grass, turning so that you were on your back, and gazed up at the man above you. Kuro’s crimson eyes were glazed but full of love. The moon above him illuminated his perpetrated skin, making his body appear to glow above you. He then swooped down and let his lips cover yours, remaining on them for a moment as he breathed through his nose, feeling your plump lips against him.

When he pulled away, he let his eyes remain on your facial features. You could clearly see that he was enduring an internal argument over something. You reached a hand up and caressed his cheek, attempting to calm him down. You also wanted to let him know that he could speak with you; he didn’t need his feelings bottled up any longer.

“Stay with me,” he finally spoke as he leaned into your hand like a cat. It was not a question or request, it was more of a command. However, it was not forceful or angry; you could hear the sincerity in his voice.

With a small smile, you kissed his lips once more, running your hand through his dampened ebony locks, letting your eyes fall into his. “Only if you promise to always love me,” you told him. He smiled gently to you, lowering his head and stealing one more kiss from you, a kiss to seal your future once and for all.

“Already done.”
An extremely overdue commission for the lovely *PokeBW4Evr! Thank you once again for being SO patient! I cannot express how grateful I am! :iconiloveyouplz: I hope it was everything you were expecting!!

Most of the information is in the Notes, but once again, this is a 2P!Japan X Reader lemon that was requested to be very detailed ^^ 7,201 words Q7Q I really hope the ending wasn't rushed! QAQ I couldn't think of an ending xD

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Best lemon I have ever read EVER! :iconyayjapanplz: Seriously! I am so happy that you wrote this! You did a great job!
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WoofWooftheKiller Apr 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
the ending lines were a tab kawaii :3
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... Best lemon I have ever read in my life :iconyayjapanplz:
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This was e best lemon I have ever read.
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I think this is the best lemon. I have read. Thanks for the storyyyy.
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U made me cry and I don't really cry GOOD JOB A++
harlie15234 Mar 9, 2014  Student Filmographer
*blood pouring out of nose* me: u-uh-u
Japan: What's wrong (reader)-chan * looks at computer screen while reader tries despertly to close windows"
Japan: U-uh-uh (R-reader)-chan w-w-why are y-you r-reading that if y-you w-wanted to y-you c-c-could have just a-a-asked.
me: WHAT THE F*** DID YOU JUST SAY!!!! *pounces on japan* The offer still stands wright?
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