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December 28, 2013
Mature Content


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(Contains: strong language)
There is was again, that familiar voice reverberating throughout the metal hallways of the Shatterdome. The tone was just as aggressive as the last time you heard the phrase, and the cause of such utterance was most likely just as -if not more- pointless than the previous.


“What is it this time?” you asked nonchalantly from your place on his mattress, legs folded Indian style as you set your book down, clad in comfortable pajamas with Max at your side. Even though it was the middle of the day. Your eyes rose to gaze at his flaring nostrils and clenched jaw; he then began to pace the room back and forth. The sound of his heavy boots and angrily breathing filled the compacted room, the metal walls making the sounds echo.

“That fucking excuse of a pilot, that’s what!” he yelled, his Australian accent more definite than usual, as a hand flew into the air for a split second before returning to his hip.

A sigh brushed passed your lips as you closed your book completely and set it down near the pillows. “Okay then, tell me exactly what went down this time.” He scoffed a little at the way you said “this time”, knowing full well that you were growing irritated of the bickering; you had every right to be.

His eyes locked onto yours as he stopped in front of you, hands still on his robust hips as he faced you. “He’s going to kill us all. Him, and that stupid Mako. They wanted to try and drift together for the first time, and the stupid sons-a-bitches did it-”

“Language, please,” you cooed with a teasing smile on your lips, knowing how foul his mouth gets when he’s frustrated.

“Whatever. Anyway, they did it, and Mako chased the rabbit.” You hummed in response, your smile dropping into a frown; you knew that kind of thing only ended in disaster. “And then, she powered up the plasma cannon! Thank god they pulled the plug, or all of us in the way would’a been toast.”

“Well, at least you’re safe.” A genuine smile rose from your lips as you looked up to him, seeing his shoulders sink as he began to relax. Your smile grew even more so when he caved in and sat himself at your side, pulling his body across the bed until he was shoulder to shoulder.

“I’m pretty tough myself, but no human can survive something like that from a Jeager,” he spoke, making sure to exaggerate the fact he was tough. He always seemed to do that, but you had grown used to it; he already knew you understood just how strong he was. He was strong, and he made sure to stay that way, for you.


“Come on, babe, let’s go eat somewhere else. Preferably away from this old hag of a man.”

“Chuck, that’s your father you’re talking about!”

“I know! We’re eating elsewhere.”

“...Fine…Bye, Herc!”

“Take care, sweetheart.”

Raleigh took another mouthful of food from his fork as Herc took a swig of his water, still chewing. “Well, at least they get along well,” the blonde pilot commented, getting a shrug in response. Then Raleigh paused in thought. “What do you think of that? Of them?”

The elder man dropped his fork onto his plate in favor of grabbing a napkin to wipe his lips clean. He then set the napkin down, his eyes following the two figures walking to the other side of the cafeteria, near a set of stairs.

“Well, as a father I think my son isn’t worthy of the woman he’s got, but she’s the one that puts up with him better than I do. She’s a beautiful girl, and a smart one too. But...I think it’s good for him. It’ll teach him to stop hiding behind me with his tail between his legs, and get up on his feet to protect something of his own.”

“You know, you should be a little nicer to your dad. Besides Max and I, he’s all you got,” you told your lover, sending him a sincere smile as he devoured his mashed potatoes and corn. He glanced over to you, cheeks stretched out from the amount of food. Sometimes, he could be so adorable.

“Don’t need him. Besides, I already get told enough from my old man and that Raleigh, I don’t need you telling me too.”

“I was just simply stating,” you cooed, taking a bite of your sweet corn. You then took a chunk of your dinner roll and placed it before Max’s wrinkled, fatty face for him to eat. He happily accepted, liping his chops clean. You chuckled to yourself, sitting back. “He’s going to be obese if he doesn’t work out more, Chuck.” Said man laughed softly, rubbing the dog’s head playfully.

“Ah, but not being perfect is what makes me love him even more. If he was perfect, he’d be no fun.”

Your eyes widened at such a profound statement coming from Chuck’s mouth; was that even something he would say? Maybe all those drifts with his father were starting to affect his brain. At least he was sounding more intelligent.

“What? Why’re you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing, I just didn’t think you were capable of saying something that profound and insightful.”

“Oh, that’s o-...Hey!”

“Love you~”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Just a warning for some of Chuck's foul mouth!

Only 900 words in like three hours, so maybe a drabble?

Well, I just watched Pacific Rim three times in a row, and I fell in love with Chuck xD I cried every time he died though QnQ So sad!! But he's so sexy! I realized how crazy I am for guys who look like Herc Hansen xD It's that red hair and beautiful eyes~ And sexy body~ He's a DILF//shot

Anyways, I hope you guys like it! I plan on submitting it to Ghosts of the Vanguard if it's good enough quality xD But I wrote it in a few hours, so it's not the best quality >.> It'll need a little work if I submit it.

So, tell me what you think of it xD

GAH! Got to get back to work!!

Pacific Rim (C) Guillermo del Toro
Storyline (C) sy62697
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