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September 30, 2012
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-Second addition to my series! Only this one I decided I would get a little… darker and hotter I guess you could say XD And I'm going to attempt the accents, so don't hate if it's wrong xD And this is really long >.> And this one actually needs a warning, I think xD Hope you like it! ^^
Words: 2,994/3,096
WARNING: Alcohol Use and Sexual references (but I know you like it xD) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
I do not support rape! It's just a fanfiction!
I do not own Hetalia, the Characters, or You*

Prussia and his little brother sat lazily in their living room; it was a Saturday so there was no need to go to work or training, in fact, this was one of the few days that they had off. And how did they spend it? Prussia was playing his Call of Duty games boredly, having beaten the game a few times by now, and Germany simply sat on the couch with his reading glasses on as he skimmed over the newspaper for anything he might consider interesting. Not much of a weekend.

While playing his game, Prussia paid extra attention to a scene he had only managed to take note of a couple times. In the background of the scene, he witnessed one of the soldiers carrying off a girl to the backroom to do some "interrogation". He could only imagine that the soldiers weren't looking for answers, but entertainment; that's what he needed at that moment.

Then a thought occurred to him. He had been friends with _____ for a few months now, and he didn't really see her as a friend anymore. Now he began to notice how beautiful she looked and acted when she was around; too bad Germany noticed as well. It was true the Prussian had a thing for _____, but Germany had had his eyes on her for much longer than his older brother. But maybe he wouldn't mind sharing; after all, Germany did have that closet full of toys.

"Hey, Vest," Prussia started with a dark smirk, catching his brother's icy blue gaze, "I've been zhinking."

Germany could only let out a sigh as he put his newspaper down and removed his glasses. "Vhat is it?"


You were currently in your house, sitting at your computer boredly. You had searched the internet for some cheap entertainment and so far everything had grown old or just didn't humor you anymore; even the new Gangnam Style videos weren't worth laughing anymore. You sighed tiredly as you closed down the computer and laid on your couch for a nap.

Then your phone began to ring. Startling you a little, you jumped to your feet and jogged over to your cell phone that lay on the table. Picking it up, you looked down at the caller ID, only to find you didn't recognize the number. Curious, you pressed the green "TALK" button and put the phone to your ear.

"Hello?" you asked.

"Hallo, _____. Zhis iz Gilbert," his voice rang out, bringing a smile to your face. "Mein bruder und I have nozhing to do, so ve vanted to know if you vould mind coming over?" he asked. "Ve have zhis new game ve vant to try vizh you." You liked the idea of something new to do, and Prussia was always a good friend to you, plus he was cute, so how could you turn down an offer like that?

"Yeah, I'll be over as soon as I can," you smiled into the phone. Pressing the red "END" button, you couldn't help but feel that something fun was about to transpire; usually wherever Prussia went, there was awesome to follow.


By the time you arrived, the sun was already beginning to set, though it was still plenty bright outside. You didn't even think about bringing pajamas, or even staying the night for that matter. You just hoped that they wouldn't mind.

When you knocked on their door, you were greeted by an excited looking albino, his befriended yellow bird atop his hair like always. You couldn't stop smiling at how cute it looked.

"It's about time you showed up, fraulein," Prussia grinned to you as he opened the door and stepped back, letting you walk into the house.

Chuckling lightly as you went by, you replied, "Well it's better late than never, right?" He shrugged his shoulders as he made a face that said "Good point". You both made your way towards the living room, you in the lead. Behind you, you heard Prussia mumble something along the lines of "any later" and "punishment", but you could only see him as joking.

As you made it into the living room, you noticed Germany laying a thick black blanket on the floor, followed by a few pillows in a circular fashion. An eyebrow quirked at his actions; there were plenty of games that required the players to sit on the floor, but he was making it extremely comfortable looking. When you stepped closer, the blonde snapped his icy blue eyes up to you, giving you a casual grin.

"You've finally made it," he spoke in a matter-of-factly voice as he stood tall and proud. You then noticed how Germany was taller than his brother by at least an inch, not to mention that fact that he was much more built.

"Yeah, I had to do some things before I got here," you explained with a small shrug of your shoulders. Germany simply lifted his hand.

"Zhat's fine," he said, making his way towards the kitchen. "Oh, do you vant anyzhing to drink?" he asked before he turned the corner. "It's Saturday, _____, und we've stocked up on beer if you're interested," he gave you a suggestion.

You thought about it; you didn't have to work tomorrow and you hadn't been drinking for a while since you've been out of school. A nice cold beer actually sounded nice. "Yeah, I'll take a beer, Ludwig," you smiled to him, seeing his nod his head with a smile before disappearing. Turning back to Prussia, you saw him taking a seat on one of the pillows placed on the blanket in the middle of the floor. He then pulled the coffee table over so that it was nearby him, most likely for his drinks. You then took a seat on a pillow that was not quite opposite of him and yet not too close, leaving room for Germany to make a triangle.

When Germany returned, he had two cans of beer in each hand, and you could already see the condensation beginning to form around the cold metal; they were cold, just the way you liked it. He then held out his hand to you, holding one can with his last two fingers for you to take. Gently you took it from his hands, instantly getting chills at how cold it was. Smiling, you thanked him as he gave Prussia a can and set his and the extra down beside him while he sat down, completing the triangle you had made. Using your fingernail to get the can open, it gave a satisfying pop and fizz, as well as some of the fizz escaping the opening and pooling under the rim. Putting the can to your lips, you tipped your head back and let the ice cold fluid run down your throat, cooling your entire being as it traveled down into your stomach. You then set the can down after swallowing another gulp.

"So, what's this game you guys were talking about?" you asked the two, earning smug grins from the two; Prussia's sly smirk gave you the most chills. Germany was the first to explain.

"Vell, I've been vaiting for Gilbert to zhink of a name, but I've come up vith the basic rules. Let me explain. Each player gets to ask anozher a qvestion, and the ozher player has to answer truzhfully," he began. You raised an eyebrow; what's so hard about that? "But, if zhe player is lying, and ve'll be able to know, zhen zhey have to obey a single command. Say, get me anozher beer, or pass me zhe snacks. Understand?"

You nodded your head; it seemed simply enough to follow. All you had to do was answer the question right and you would win. "How do we know when the game is over?" you asked. It was Prussia's small chuckle that switched your attention from Germany to the Prussian.

"Oh, you'll know vhen it's done," he spoke cockily. You gave him a questioning look, and all he gave you was a knowing smirk. You were a little weary of why they were acting a bit strange, but you kept it to yourself just to be safe.

"Alright, so who gets to go first?" you asked. The brothers sent each other a brief glance before they turned back to you.

"I'll go first, to show you how it's supposed to work," Germany spoke in his stern voice. "I'll start out easy, and zhen ve'll make our vay to zhe more personal qvestions," he explained. You couldn't help but think of how exciting this was going to be; with beer and boys, nothing can go wrong.

"Alright, _____, your favorite color is (favorite color), ja?" he asked you the simple question. Seeing what kind of thing he would make you do, you shook your head. This caused him to grin. "You're lying," he started, "I know you better zhen zhat. As your first command," he reached over and grabbed his can of beer, handing it to you, "open mein beer."

You took the can and opened it casually, handing it back to him. "Now it's my turn to ask a question, right?" you asked, getting their nods. You tapped your fingers to your chin, pointing to Prussia when you thought of a question. "Is Gilbird actually a boy, or a girl?" you asked with a sly grin.

Immediately you saw his face brighten, "He's a boy! I discovered zhat last veek vhen he vent after a girl bird. It vas pretty humorous," he grinned, placing his elbows on his knees as he slouched forward a little. "Now, mein turn."


Things were starting to heat up gradually as the night grew closer, the sky now a violet color. You had already had a single beer, and you could already feel yourself getting a bit buzzed. You almost didn't notice when Prussia gave you the command to remove your shirt.

"What?" you asked him to repeat what he said. You saw him grin and take another drink of his beer before setting it down.

"I said, take off your shirt, fraulein," he cooed slyly. Your eyes widened a bit. Prussia simply nudged his head, "Go on, ve're vaiting." Cheeks heating up brightly, you fiddled with the hem of your shirt, biting your bottom lip nervously. Looking down, you sighed and brought your arms over your head, removing your shirt like he asked. You could immediately see their eyes light up at the sight before them, showing something more than just amazement. Prussia chuckled, "Gut, fraulein."

"Alright, now it's my turn." Your gaze shifted over to Germany, who grinned a little. "Germany, do you have any fetishes that you haven't told anyone?"

Almost instantly, Germany responded, "Nein!" That's all it took for you to realize he was lying.

"Obviously there is something," you grinned to him. "So~ Now you take off your shirt," you spoke confidently. Germany sighed in desperation, and removed his loose-fitting t-shirt to reveal his chiseled stomach and bulging pectorals. Suddenly you felt your mouth dry as his cheeks heated softly, the saliva in your mouth suddenly multiplying in size.

"Mein turn again," he started, placing his hands on his prominent hips. 'As if he wasn't giving me a good enough view' you cursed mentally, seeing the muscles in his shoulders rippled when he moved his arms. "_____, is it true zhat you are a virgin?" he grinned to you, his eyes suddenly gleaming. Your breath hitched in your throat as you tried to think of an answer. Swallowing thickly, you replied.

"No, why would I still be a virgin?" you tried to sound calm and collected; however, the two of them simply grinned like idiots.

"Zhen who vas zhe lucky guy?" Prussia asked you, giving you the same look his brother gave you: hunger.

"J-just some guy, you wouldn't know him," you quickly made up, "I met him at a bar once."

"A vone night stand? I didn't zhink zhat you vere zhat kind of person, _____," Prussia smirked.

"Oh yeah, you didn't know that?" you tried to make it sound obvious. In your head, you were thinking that they would just shrug it off and continue with the game, and maybe you could get Prussia to take his shirt off too. But in the end, it seemed that they had something else in mind.

"So zhen you vouldn't mind if zhe zhree of us had a vone night stand?" Germany asked you with a sinister smirk. You suddenly felt your blood run cold; this was so odd for Germany to say something like that, or even suggest it for that matter.

"W-well, that would be different. I mean, you guys are my friends."

Suddenly Prussia erupted in a roaring laughter. Your eyes snapped over to him to see him holding his stomach, his other hand smacking the ground repeatedly. What was so funny? Your expression must have been amusing, because when he opened his eyes, he threw his head back, sending his body backwards to collide with the floor. Maybe the beer officially fried his brain.

"Oh, _____," he started, sitting up as he wiped a tear from his eye, his laughs weak from overexertion, "you're the biggest liar I've ever seen. You just lied five times! If it vere me, it vould be a meter for every lie." Smirking, he calmed himself before looking at his brother. "How much clothes does she take off now?" he asked.

Germany looked over to you and smirked, something dangerous flashing in his icy blue eyes. Your eyes widened a bit, your cheeks red and your heart beating rapidly. What was he going to do to you? "Zhe pants, zhe bra, und zhe panties," he spoke with authority. You were about to protest when Prussia piped up again.

"But zhat's only three, bruder," he spoke with his never-ending smirk. Germany only seemed to smirk wider.

"Zhen she vill undress me und you, bruder," he grinned, using his hands and knees to get to his feet, Prussia following him.

You were short for words, your breath caught in your throat like a mouse in a trap. Well, that's more or less what you felt like at the moment: a mouse that had been enticed into taking the bait. You looked up at the both of them with pleading eyes, waiting for them to break out in laughing, saying how this was all just a prank they planned to lighten their day, since that was something Prussia would do.

"Y-you guys are funny, you know. I really thought you were serious," you gave a nervous laugh. When you saw their dark smirks still firm on their lips, you felt something inside of you turn to ice, giving your stomach a sick, cold feeling. They looked really serious.

"Ve are serious, _____. Und if you don't do as you vere told, ve might just have to rip zhose pretty clothes," Prussia spoke in a deathly quiet tone, a bit of cheerfulness combined with it. They then took a step towards you, and you felt as if your heart shattered.

"I-I thought you guys were the good guys? The guy who jokes around and the little brother who works hard?" you spoke more to yourself, but they answered back anyways.

"You can zhank our superior acting skills, fraulein," Germany replied. "But, ve can still be zhe good," he smirked.

"Ja, in bed," Prussia added with the same smirk. As they took another step closer to you, you quickly shut your eyes. And before you could think, their hands were on you, covering your eyes and mouth and picking you up to your feet, taking you somewhere unbeknownst to you.


You couldn't see anything but the back of the blindfold that covered your eyes. They explained that it would heighten your senses, which would make it "more enjoyable". But did that explain the handcuffs securing you to the headboard? Or the ring gag they forced into your mouth? It didn't but you could definitely feel your senses sharpen, for your skin felt colder than it should have in the dark room.

Germany and his brother looked down at you from either side of the bed with smirks on their faces, having finally found something that they could agree on: you. The German looked over to his older brother, who now held a black, shiny riding crop in his hand, the light turned a light blue from the slight moonlight, a devious smirk on his lips as he held it a few inches above your thigh.

"_____, have you learned your lesson?" Germany asked in a husky voice, his blood rushing with lust. His body anticipated your answer, as well as Prussia's. He could tell by the way the albino's hand shook lightly that he was waiting anxiously as well. You quickly nodded your head, for you couldn't speak thanks to that lovely black gag in your mouth. Germany simply grinned. "Gut, now, ve just have to enforce it."

"As well as take care of your little virgin problem," the albino cooed. You then quickly shook your head in refusal to his offer; you could take their abuse with their crops and hands, but that was too far. Prussia grinned seductively, his crop suddenly coming down to snap against your skin, eliciting a soft cry from your mouth as your body flinched at the sudden pain.

"Hey, bruder," Prussia suddenly spoke in a slightly amused tone, "I just zhought of a name for zhat game."

"Und zhat is?" Germany gave his brother a dark smirk, his eyes gleaming against the darkness of the room.

"Zhe Punishment Game~"

"I like it," Germany grinned, running his hand along the stinging red welt on your thigh before traveling inward to the core of your pleasure, and soon to be pain, "ve should play it again right now~"

~ E N D
Second addition to the Dark!Hetalia series I'm working on :dummy:
I'm personally proud of how this was one was going, until I came to the end. The end... it's just..:iconorzplz:

I hope you all enjoy it ^^

Next I will most likely do the Italian Brothers :eyes: :iconsexyitalyplz::iconsexyromano2plz: So be looking out~

Here's some other Dark!Hetalia oneshots I've done:
Russia: [link]
Italy Brothers: [link]
Spain: [link]

Hetalia (C) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Plot and Series (C) :iconsy62697:
You (C) :iconprussiawantsyouplz:&:iconsexygermany3plz:

Faves are loved:heart:
Comments are worshipped:worship:
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