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June 6, 2013
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-- This is a very belated thank you for a very special watcher being my 400th ^^ And I thank her SO SO SO SO much for her patience! So, this is the long awaited gift x3 This is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever written Q7Q And the longest lemon o.o 3,580 words exactly xD And all lemon!
*Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, the Characters, or the Reader! I do NOT plan on making any profit from this! The only payment I require is happy readers~and comments


No man should have this much courage, and that little shame. If there was even any shame left in his body. That beautiful, sculpted, chocolate-box body gifted from the Gods above. If there was heaven on Earth, he would be it. But, there was an obvious sinner in this aesthetic body. Oh, it was too good to look away. Thankfully your Christmas present arrived a little early.

Your longtime boyfriend, Ludwig Beilschmidt, was really pushing his limits with that outfit. His bare, perfect chest was unclothed entirely; you swear he waxed and oiled it just for the occasion because it seemed much more perfect than the norm. You were practically drooling over how his brilliant red shorty shorts clenched tightly to his tree-trunk legs and obvious bulge between his legs. To top it off, there was mistletoe taped to that glorious tent. And when he bent over to pick up the canister of whipped cream from the floor, your control almost shattered into a million shards when his already tight, crimson pants clenched his fine cheeks. Well, if you were those shorts you would be clenching dat ass as well.

As he straightened and turned back towards you, the smirk on his lips made the bones in your body melt into a puddle of shivering goo. He then began to rub the seemingly cold canister of Reddi Wip along the line where his pectorals met. When his body shivered lightly, yours erupted in a magnitude of at least a million. He continued to rub the can slowly, very slowly, up and down in smooth movements. Then, his index finger began to press on the white tip, slowly spraying the creamy, fluffy substance onto his chest and continuing to rub it into his skin. Oh, this is delicious.

He then removed the coated can, the substance turning into a less frothy liquid as he held it away from his scorching body. His icy blue eyes locked with yours, and his pink, muscular tongue peeked out from between his lips, lapping around the lumps of flesh to moisten them. That wasn’t the only thing getting moist.

“Come here, liebling,” he cooed softly with authority, a single finger curling towards him in a “come hither” motion. Your body couldn’t resist his orders, and your body quickly sauntered closer to the devious Santa of a boyfriend; he even had the hat. As you got closer, you could practically feel the heat radiating off of his flawless body. When you were within arm’s reach, you froze in your spot, eyes prying him to give another order. “Strip.”

You didn’t need to be told twice; you immediately began discarding your clothing into a disheveled pile of clothing. But, as soon as you were left in your undergarments, the German put a hand up.

“Give me a show,” he ordered with a grin. Your cheeks flared, but decided to follow through with his wish. After all, you may get a reward in the end. Slowly, you turned your back to him, reaching behind and unsnapping the clasps on your bra. It was difficult to go slow; you really just wanted to get to the good stuff already. After that, you allowed the bra to slip casually from your shoulders, falling to the floor in front of you. Then, you hooked your fingers around the elastic of your panties and began to push them down slowly, stopping when they were halfway down your cheeks. When you heard a growl from behind you, you shoved them down roughly until gravity took over and they pooled at your ankles. Turning around, your eyes met Ludwig’s smoldering ones.

“Now, you know how I like to keep things clean,” he grinned at you, his voracious eyes taking in everything about your body. Though he and you had engaged in sexual activities before, he seemed to don a new, scorching flame in his eyes as they hungrily eyed you up and down. Without further explanation, you walked towards him, swaying your hips a bit more than necessary; his body seemed to stiffen immediately. Now less than a foot away from your lover, you drug your finger across the flat cream than dribbled down his chest, wiping it off and placing it in your mouth teasingly.

You then leaned forward, placing your tongue at the bottom of the sweet, creamy river and dragging it north as you cleaned his chest off. Leaning back, you admired the work with a grin. At this, Ludwig placed the end of the canister in his mouth, tongue teasingly circling the object before spraying a mouthful and swallowing. “Sheesh you fat kid,” you poked his toned abs, causing him to buckle over slightly.

“I don’t have an inch of fat on my body,” he refuted with a chuckle, regaining his fierce stature. His lips curled into a smirk. “Besides, even if I were to eat the entire can, those calories would be burned off by the end of the night.” Hm, he’s got a point. A very exciting point.

“Well, let’s see you prove it,” you gave him a challenging look, which he responded with a pleased grin. He was up for that challenge.

“But I won’t do it alone,” he quickly spoke, setting the can down on the floor. He then stood, placing three fingers of each hand into the elastic of his skin-clenching shorts, and pushing them down until they were pooled at his ankles. Stepping out of them, he retrieved his can of whipped goodness; a torrid look was sent your way from those glorious eyes. He then put the tip of the can to the end of his thick girth, spraying a decent amount of cream along the length of his member. Dear lord.

His Cheshire grin returned as his posture straightened, waiting for you to take care of the wonderful mess he created. Unable to resist, you slowly sauntered closer to him, your stride slow but long, reaching him in little to no time. Cautiously, you began to decent onto your knees, dragging your nails across his chest as you went down; he shivered very obviously. When yours knees came into contact with the floor, your (color) eyes looked down to see his proud, eager member waiting for your sweet service.

Your tongue snaked out, prodding the creamy substance as you smeared it around at the base of his pleasure center, circling it around the sides. Your lover groaned, boosting your confidence. At the second sound he made, you continued to smear the rest of the cream until his entire member was concealed. When that was completed, you tantalizingly encased the entire head between your plump lips, pulling your head back slightly to cause a jerking action. He groaned as your tongue churned on his head and tasted the savor flavor, slowly descending down his shaft until you made it to the median.

His large, calloused fingers raked through your hair, nails digging into your scalp as he gently massaged the back of your head, urging you to take more of his massive meat. You complied with a small giggle, vibrating his member, before moving your lips closer to his base. The head of his member grew dangerously close to the back of your mouth, so you slowed. This caused Ludwig to growl lightly.

“Further,” he instructed, putting light pressure on the back of your head to emphasize his point. A bit of fear swelled inside of you; you’d never taken your lover more than you could handle, especially when he was already brushing the back of your mouth and you half of his member was tucked away between your cream-covered lips. But, you didn’t want to disappoint him; he’d already gone through this much trouble to get you here.

Cautiously, you began to push his member farther as you relaxed your muscles. When his large head reached new, unexplored areas, you nearly gagged. However, he continued to rub the back of your head and you began to feel more comfortable, so you took even more of him between your lips. When your nose brushed the curly hairs of his happy trail, you pulled your head back. The feeling of his member leaving your throat felt odd, but enjoyable. You pulled back until you were once more at his head, and then proceeded to descend as far as you could reach. His head tilted back in a soft moan.

This continued for several moments, accompanied with gentle hand movements and teasing licks, before he roughly gripped your hair, yanking your head off of his member. You hissed at the pain, having no expected it. You glared at him; your glare weakened when you saw his glazed, icy blue orbs and flushed cheeks. It was enough to make the temperature of your body skyrocket and the feelings of animosity you held towards him remain left behind.

He then released your head, using his free hand to retrieve his used can of Reddi Whip. Teasingly, you licked the deflated cream from the edges of your lips. The small action didn’t go unnoticed. Ludwig then lowered himself until he was on his knees, and then he held the can in a single fist. Carefully, as if afraid you would break, he pushed your shoulders back until you complied and lie on the floor, his golden body looming hotly over yours, the ivory ball of fuzz attached to his hat falling towards you. With a smile, you relaxed underneath him, allowing him to take control. You loved it when he was dominant.

As he sprayed large piles of cream onto your rosy, perked buds, shivers trickled down your spine and legs. With a smirk, he leaned down to your left breast, engulfing a large amount of your fleshy mound into his orifice, his tongue lavishing the bud. A soft sound close to a whimper escaped your closed mouth as he licked the entire area clean, doing the same to the adjacent. You began to writhe underneath him when a trail of creamy saliva drizzled from his hungry lips. He then crawled down your body, taking the can with him. Your almost came when he rubbed the surprisingly frigid can against your lower lips.

He smirked, placing the end of the can at the top of your lips and spraying a trail along your entrance. His name left your lips in the form of a moan at his actions, causing your body to shiver once again. Mentally, you prepared yourself for what he was about to do next.

Slowly, his tongue flopped out of his mouth like a dog’s, and he grew closer to the trail of whip cream. With strength in his rosy muscle, he pushed the slimy tool against the base of the trail, scooping up the cream as he traveled north. You moaned as he did so, your head tilting back lightly as you propped yourself onto your elbows to watch him. He then swallowed the cream, giving a hum of satisfaction before lapping up another portion. Every movement made you writhe in pleasure, especially when he finished lapping up the cream.

You expected him to be finished, but when he created another pile on your bundle of nerves, you almost lost it. He licked his gleaming lips before once again devouring the cream, pressing his tongue to your bundle at the same time. He then added one more pile, but the tip sprayed small chunks once he made a small pile; it was empty.

“All gone,” he shrugged his shoulders, throwing the can elsewhere in the room. The tinkering of the can as it landed on the floor distracted your attention for a brief moment. When Germany once again began to frantically lap at the cream, purposely “brushing” your entrance, you felt a bubble begin to swell inside your stomach.

“Mm, Germany,” you moaned out as he lifted his head momentarily. With his hands firmly on your hips, he sent you a predatory smirk before delving his tongue deep within your regions. A cry left your lips as you bucked your hips, which he continued to hold down forcibly. Your hands dug through his golden forest as he pressed himself further. He suddenly added not one, but two fingers into your core as his tongue continued to lap at you; your vision blurred slightly. The bubble continued to grow with every moment of his tongue, especially when he curled it.

When you nearly fell over the edge, he abruptly pulled his tongue out and straightened on his knees, his member twitching in excitement. His hips never left yours, and he used them to flip you over onto your stomach. He then lifted your hips, wrapping his robust arms around your middle, like a male dog ready to cover the female in heat. His hot breath was on your ears, causing you to shiver. Impatient, you pushed your hips back against his waiting girth, eliciting a groan from his lips. He was just as ready as you were.

Without much warning, he brought one hand back to guide his member to your sweet blossom. From the position of entering from behind, your body instantly jolted in pleasure. You had never used this current position, but you were enjoying it greatly. Ludwig’s name softly rolled off your lips as he gradually buried himself to the hilt. His hot breath was once more on your neck, his lips placing feather-like kisses on the skin.

“How do you want it?” he asked in a whisper, his hands running soothing circles on your stomach. You weren’t sure what you wanted; what did he want? If he wanted to be passionate, you didn’t want to be the one to disappoint him when you said rough. But then again, he’s been anything but gentle so far tonight. Oh what the hell, it’s your night to have some fun!

“As rough as you can get,” you replied in a teasing voice, moving back against him to get him a little further inside. He groaned at your response, a deep, husky chuckle vibrating his chiseled chest.

“I’ll make you regret that decision,” was all he said to you as he moved his legs slightly to adjust himself for the best position.

“Try me,” you challenged him, wanting to see just how crazy he would get. Would he actually go all out or would he simply bluff his way through it? Before you had any more time to react, your lover swiftly moved his hips back, his grip tightening on your abdomen to the point of discomfort. Then, his hips snapped forward into yours in a delicious wallop as his massive bulk once again sheathed itself inside of your body sensually. A lurid moan left your lips at the juicy penetration.

Ludwig took your pleased sound as permission to continue and suddenly began thrusting wildly with a speedy and rough pattern. The wonderful friction between your bodies caused even more noises of your body to fill to the room; you were having a difficult time delineating the sounds from gasps and moans. He was rapid, animalistic, and you loved it. You adored how his length continued to stretch your walls with every hasty lunge. It wasn’t much longer when the bubble in your stomach suddenly inflated to the point of bursting and you shakily endured your first release onto your lover; he groaned in satisfaction.

Your body rocked back and forth as he chuckled in your ear haughtily, never slowing his pace, “So soon? We just started, liebling.” You couldn’t respond to that; there was no way you could catch your breath that fast. Every gulp of air you inhaled was forced out in a musical mix of a gasp and moan. Your mind was growing vague already, most likely from that lack of oxygen. Not only was your mind growing nebulous, but your body developed prickly, numb feelings throughout itself, like when a limb falls asleep from lack of blood. You were now more sensitive from the first release, so his actions seemed to affect ten times greater.

Suddenly, your lover hit a direct target with a loud grunt, causing an obnoxiously loud moan to leave your lips, and the bubble began reforming. You had no time to react or hinder his onslaught on that specific spot, sending your mind to the fluffy clouds. His fingernails began to dig into the flesh of your stomach as he desperately grabbed for something to stabilize himself. The stinging sensation in the shape of tiny crescents shook your nerves, a massive warmth spreading from your core. The cramping bubble slowly built up again.

Then Ludwig’s actions slowed, and then halted to a stop. You were about to retaliate, but you couldn’t catch your breath fast enough. Your body was limp as he unsheathed himself, whimpering at the sudden loss of his warmth. His grip on your stomach loosened and his robust hands found your hips.

His hot, panting breath was heard from behind you. “Let’s trade,” he barely gasped out, causing you to turn your head, trying to understand what he meant. When you saw him lie down on his back, his intentions were implicit. With wobbly, jelly-like actions, you crawled over to him and over his body so that his entire body was between all four of your limbs. His scorching, baby blue eyes sent waves of intense heat through your blood, making you regain part of your sense again. When his clammy hands gripped your dampened hips, you took the wheel.

Reaching down, you gripped his member in one hand, the other stabilizing you, and guided his eager, throbbing manhood to your counterpart. When you felt the hot tip slip past your silky lips, your hand retreated back to the cool carpet beside his broad shoulder so you could balance. A grin played on his lips as he helped lower you onto his pleasure center. With a grunt, he lifted you back up and dropped you onto him once more. With a small yelp, you used what working muscles you still retained in your body to lift your hips, letting them fall back down.

When you began a flowing pace of bouncing, you closed your eyes in concentration, feeling the tingles of pleasure coursing through your veins. The new position caused the bubble to begin once again, and you wanted to pop that bubble again. Speeding up your hip movements, you could feel Ludwig’s hips jolting and bucking slightly as well, his hands reinforcing that you continued to endure crash landings.

You concentrated on the feeling of him inside of you, how his member filled you perfectly, going further than you ever imagined. Loving the feeling, your movements began to grow out of control as you bounced frantically on his hips, your cheeks coming into loud contact with his upper thighs.

Then, a loud snap was heard and your left cheek smarted like never before. You cried out as he hit you again with his powerful right hand, the perspiration on yours bodies magnifying the power of the slap. Another hit, and it really began to burn, the currents of pain shooting around the area. Sounds were heard from your lover’s mouth, most of them being long verses of “Nh”s, as you felt his member growing harder inside you. Apparently he liked spanking you.

You then bent forward, feeling the bubble growing. As the feeling grew stronger, your moans grew louder. Ludwig was getting close as well, and you could feel it. Your movements started to become sloppy, the boiling friction between your bodies almost nonexistent at this point as perspiration covered your bodies, causing your hair to stick your slick skin.

Suddenly, with a loud grunt from Ludwig, you were flipped onto your side, panting heavily. Within a second, he withdrew from your center, moved over your body so that he was behind you, and hooked a hand under the knee of the leg that lay atop the other. He lifted your leg forward and upward, moving his arm so that his elbow was in your knee and locking it against his body. He then used his other hand to guide his nearly spent member to your core once more, swiftly entering you. However, before he began to ravish your body once again, he pressed his body against yours and used his free hand to grasp your vulnerable neck tightly. A twinge of fear swelled in your heart that he would choke you; he often didn’t know his own strength.

The fear of him accidently hurting you was thrown out the window when he began thrusting in his animalistic manner, and with the odd position of your suspended leg and his fingers curled around your jugular, you could barely breath. He released loud grunts and groans as he pounded into you without mercy, rocking your body roughly against the flooring. Your eyes closed tightly as tears of pleasure poured from the corners, mouth gaping open as he pulverized your center; no air was able to enter or leave your body.

With a sudden cry of pleasure, your bubble exploded inside of you, your second release creating white stars in your vision. The clenching of his member caused Ludwig to release only seconds after you, his hips jerking as he unloaded into you. When he was done, his hands grew limp as he released your neck and leg, allowing them back into their normal position.

You gasped for breath, your tear stained cheeks burning like the depths of Hell. Your body ached and tingled, the side on the floor warm with a floor burn. You could barely think straight, but you managed to lazily wipe the trail of saliva from the side of your mouth, letting your hand remain on the floor near your head.  If he hadn’t stopped, then you might have regretted that decision; though, you wouldn’t take any moment of it back. Selfish pleasures were completely worth it~

Ludwig wrapped a tired arm over your waist, pulling you against his body as it formed to the shape of yours; even his legs were in line with yours. His mouth pressed against your neck softly, remaining on your skin for a moment before he rested his chin on your shoulder.

“Frohe Weihnachten, _____,” he whispered sweetly into your ear, kissing the shell once before his head returned to rest on your neck. He waited for you to respond, but when he heard your shallow breathing, he grinned to himself. His hand gently rubbed your side as he wrapped his other under your body, holding you closer to him as he basked in the warmth.

This is one holiday he’ll never forget.
This is a very belated gift for ~Wubwubized for being my 400th watcher ^^

As a gift from me to her, she asked for a Germany reader insert lemon with sweet torture. And now I finshed it~ And it's probably the most amazing lemon I've ever written in my entire life xD

Now go take a cold shower, you pervs~ >w>

Hetalia (C) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Plot (C) :iconsy62697:
To (C) :iconwubwubized:
You (C) :iconsatisfieddoitsuplz:
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smommy03 Apr 8, 2014  New member
.................*super death*.......... With a big goofy ass grin on my face. Thankyou formaking me die happily.........
Pruhunshipper4life Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sexyback by justin timberlake came on right as I darted to tea this and I'm dying, XDDD
I was reading this around my friends and one asked if she could read it and I screamed no in her face. ^^' FANGIRL POWERS
:iconcreamycoco: Oh My Gog.. * dies befores it even ends *
I just wanna say... cold showers actually make it worse.
DarkbeautyXjeff Mar 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Me: * sitting peacefully on the floor in my room reading this lemon * o m f g  
Lud: * opens my door without knocking * hi  Minnie 
Me: Wtf * slams laptop shut * ever heard of knocking Ludwig
Lud: what's you reading? 
Me: nothing * runs out * 
Lud: * opens laptop and starts reading the lemon, smirks and runs after me * oh leibeling 
 Me: oh my shitting god * starts running 100 miles per hour * 
(dies from loss of blood) >///////////////////////////////<
This lemon is too sexy for its own good xD
I need to be able to add this to my favourite favourites...Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) :happybounce: :squee: Boa Hancock (Faints) [V2] Cutie costuization OMGOMGLA 
I'll be your huckleberry!  Hetalia Switzerland Nosebleed Hetalia Switzerland Nosebleed The Monkey With the Nosebleed The Monkey With the Nosebleed Nosebleed Plz Nosebleed Plz Nosebleed Plz Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] supernosebleed emoticon supernosebleed emoticon supernosebleed emoticon :EXPLODU: :EXPLODU: :nosebleed omg: nosebleed :nosebleed:  -dies of major nose bleed- b-beautiful....story....-last words-
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