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April 19, 2013
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-- I’m a major fan of Male!Ukraine, and I’ve been wanting to write something for a while now x3 It only took like months to get done >.> And I like the three siblings to be all boys xD As in, Ukraine and Belarus are genderbent, but Ivan is not.
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or You*


"I'm right here, Dmitri... Good night."

"... Are you still awake?"

"Now I am. Just go to bed, Dmitri."

"But what if a bear attacks you? Or worse! What if France shows up to molest you in your sleep!?"

"He won't, I pro-"

"I-I don't know what I would do without you, _____. I-If something were to happen, I-I-!"

"Dmitri!" you placed your hands onto his face, looking your lover straight into his beautiful cerulean eyes, the color intensified from the small amount of light seeping through the thin material above your heads. His breathing stopped as his watery eyes gave you a scared expression, his cheeks flushed. "Nothing's going to happen," you smiled reassuringly at the Ukrainian before you.

His eyes jolted back and forth between your (color) eyes, searching for the truth you spoke. When you continued to smile lovingly at him, he felt a part of his heart melt, unable to stop his lips from curling upwards as well.

"Okay, but at least let me hold you?" he asked quietly, his cheeks flaring. He was so sweet despite his cowardly personality; it made you extremely curious as to why he didn't have a girlfriend already, or any other female friends for that matter. It made you feel special, like you were the only one for him, and he was the only one for you.

Carefully, the Ukrainian male draped a large arm over your body from underneath the thick wool blanket, instantly warming you. You loved how he was ways warm, as if his bright, warm heart was radiating the feeling on extreme levels, unlike his brother Nikoli. Though Nikoli was another nationality, Belarusian, he explained how the two were brothers through their abilities as nation personifications. It almost didn't seem natural for a loving, gentle giant like Dmitri to come from a family of brothers like Nikoli and Ivan. Though, you weren't going to complain about his family; he loved his brothers with his entire being, and you respected that greatly.

"Good night," your lover whispered softly, his lips ghosting over your forehead, taking in the smell of your fresh scented hair as his eyes grew heavy. He kept a firm hold on you with his arm, moving closer so that your head was resting near his. Everything was tranquil.


"You two should really get up before breakfast gets cold," the gentle voice of Ivan broke the silence from inside the tent, his head poking through the unzipped flap.

You stirred at his voice, snuggling closer to your major heat source; you were too comfortable to get up into the frigid cold that awaited you. You could feel it already, for your nose was numb from the crisp morning air.

"Yes, I didn't hear any screaming last night, so you two obviously didn't do anything strenuous," Nikoli grumbled, his hands stuffed inside of his thick, plaid winter jacket. Instantly your eyes snapped opened, a blush across your nose.

"W-we wouldn't do anything like that in the woods!" you defended. Dmitri shifted lightly, his eyes still closed in a sweet dream.

"And our big brother isn't brave enough to begin those kinds of activities, especially here out in the woods. He can't even leave the campground, what makes you think he'll show _____ his-"

"You guys are so mean to your brother," you quickly interrupted, your cheeks flushed. Exasperated, you quickly stood from your position under the blanket, slipped your fuzzy slippers on and donned thick clothing, and marched out of the tent, brushing past the two brothers. Huffing, you walked over towards the temporary table of food, grabbing a paper plate and putting sausage, pancakes, and other warm foods onto the surface before walking away.

“I think you forgot something, _____,” Ivan chuckled, holding a white plastic fork out towards you. You sighed, trudging back, snatching the utensil, and reassuming your previous actions; the river was a more calming place to eat anyways.

Dmitri stretched his long arms over his head, groaning as his muscles flexed under his morning routine. A sigh of content left his lips as his spine realigned itself with a satisfying “crack”. Letting his arms fall to his sides, he looked down at the spot you occupied the night before, lying next to him. However, he was greeted with an empty position and a disheveled blanket. Instantly, panic rose in his heart. Jumping to his feet, he quickly put on a thick jacket and a warm pair of shoes, not even lacing them up.

He dashed out of the tent, frantically searching the area. He saw his two younger brothers lazily sitting in chairs around the crackling fire, Ivan pulling a blackening marshmallow, skewered on a long willow stick, and stuffing the entire sugary pulp into his mouth with a loud “omp”. However, he didn’t see his love.

“Where’s _____?” he asked, his voice cracking lightly from the distress. He knew the woods were a dangerous place. He knew he shouldn’t have invited her!

“I think she’s by the river,” Nikoli spoke coolly, cringing at Ivan who smacked his marshmallow lips boorishly, giving a muffled “da”.

Dmitri didn’t waste a second before he dashed towards the sound of running water, hoping he wouldn’t find his girlfriend with her face down in the rapids. Just the thought alone was enough to urge tears in the corner of his eyes.

As he leapt over a large rock, he was greeted with a relieving sight; you were sitting on a smooth boulder, casually munching on a pancake. He heaved a heavy breath, bending over with his hands on his knees from the prodigious breath. At the sound, you turned around to see him standing there, a smile on his face as he straightened.

“What are you doing here, Dmitri?” you asked, turning around so you could face him. However, what you saw next was slightly unsettling; he was running, no, sprinting towards you. You began to grow worried when he didn’t stop, worried about him falling or crashing into the river. “Dmitri? Dmitri! Slow down!”

The impact was tremendous, sending the both of you tumbling off the boulder into the shallow river below, onto the sandy shore. With the large Ukrainian atop your body, you quickly propped yourself on your elbows; however, just as your face was raised, you were met with the wet lips of your lover. The kiss wasn’t soft and sincere like usual, it was more needy and passionate. Shoulders relaxing at the feel of your connected lips and soaked clothes, you returned the loving kiss of your boyfriend.


Back at the camp, Ivan and Nikoli seized their actions and looked each other in the eyes, seeing the widened expression of each. All they had heard was the sound of _____’s cries of their older brother’s name, followed by a plea to slow down and the splashing of water.

Nikoli’s cheeks flushed crimson. “Hey, Ivan?”

Ivan blinked. “What?”

“You don’t think they-“

“Probably not … I hope.”
Okay, so this wasn't as good as I thought, but I've been working on this for like four months now >.> I wanted lots of fluff, and back then I wasn't a fluffy person xD Now I gained a few pounds, so the fluff is back! No, I'm kidding xD It don't work like that *my beautiful twang*

I hope you all enjoy some Male!Ukraine! ^^ I love the guy so much, my love waves tamper with my literature signals and asdfhgjk... That's why the oneshot isn't as good as it could have been.

Hetalia (C) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Plot and Writing (C) :iconsy62697:
You (C) :iconmaleukraineplz:
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hahah XD what ever are you thinking Nikolai? XD
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At least Hungary didn't tag along, pictures would be up on the interwebs before Reader-chan and Dimitri even got out of the river.
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Dat ending tho! XD
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“You don’t think they-“ ~ N

“Probably not … I hope.” ~ I

Me and D walk back wet and blushing
I ~ " have fun da?"
N ~ * in corner blushing*
SoulsGF Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute! I just love stories like this, sweet and innocent. Well, except for when the brothers think the dirty nasty is happening.
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