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January 6, 2013
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-This is a request for a Reader X Prussia forced lemon ^^ I had so many ideas for the plot, it was hard to choose just one XD I hope you all enjoy, especially Krina531 ^^ As you can see, I have no shame xD
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, the characters, or the reader. I only own the plot*

"Hey, _____, wanna come to a party with me and mis amigos tonight?"

"Sure, Spain. Just give me a call whenever you're ready to come pick me up."

That's how it started; that single call from your best friend Spain would lead to the moment that changed your life forever. And never again would you see Prussia as the same, egocentric albino you knew before.


The party was roaring, despite the fact half of the intended guests never decided to show up. Spain had called about forty or so people, he explained, but a few of them didn't even pick up the phone. He surmised that they were busy with something else and didn't have time to pick the phone up. But he remained optimistic and concluded that there would be more to eat and drink for the ones who had shown up.

At the moment, you were enjoying some of the slices of salami and cheese, a Solo cup of ice and tropical punch in your free hand as your other was busy with the bold flavored food. Your (color) eyes were scanning the area, searching for someone you might know amongst the small flood of bodies. There weren't many people you were familiar with; actually, most of the people you had never seen in your life. You were starting to become a bit uncomfortable from all of these strange faces, so you decided to find the restroom to take a moment and regain your posture.

After you made it up the small spiraling staircase, you were faced with a narrow hallway, two doors on either side. Walking up to the first wooden door on the left, you gave the brass knob a twist and felt the door unlock underneath your fingers. Using you arm to push the door open, you saw that the area was extremely dark, and there was cloth everywhere: a closet. You shut the door and opened the door across the hall, finding it to be yet another closet. Moving down the hall on the right side, you proceeded to open the wooden door, and was greeted with a sink shining lightly from the moonlight pouring into the small bathroom from a small window above the shower.

After you had taken a cold, wet cloth and dabbed your forehead for a moment or two and stabilized yourself, you looked into the mirror and realized how different you looked from your normal self; you had did some special additions to your hair and makeup just for the occasional, and you had colored your eyeshadow to the color of your rather slimming outfit. You almost recognize yourself, but there was something that couldn't be missed: how happy you looked.


"Just go talk to her, amigo," Spain attempted to convince his red eyed albino friend to talk to you. He had seen the way Prussia was eyeing you up and down from your spot in the kitchen, and realized he wanted to talk to you.

"Oui, you could use one of those pickup lines you're so good at," the French man tried to tempt the Prussian, who simply shut his glimmering eyes and released a buildup of pressure from his mouth, his forehead meeting the wooden table harshly.

"But I don't want all these people to watch me; it's embarrassing enough with you two jokers around. It's not like  walking up to a girl you don't know and asking permission to her vital regions," he tried to explain, his words vibrating the wood of the table lightly as he huffed. "I actually know her."

"Well, do you really love her, or do you just want something else she has to offer?" France asked, quirking an eyebrow at the pouting man before him.

Suddenly Prussia sat up, his face back in a normal position as realization hit him, or put in better words, confusion. Was he feeling something towards you, or did he just want you alone for the night? His conscience was leaning gradually towards the second option, that it would be just like any other one night stand he's had, except for the fact he didn't want it to be just one night. He knew he would want more than just one night if he had the chance; he would have you ever single night if he could. But was it what he really wanted, or did he want you to want him in a less intimate way?

"I... Don't know," he answered truthfully, his blank stare gazing aimlessly at the blank wall in front of him. A sigh could be heard from the blonde at his side.

"Well, just don't drink too much. You may end up making the wrong decision," he advised, giving the albino a pat on his shoulder before walking towards the crowd, his expression going from apologetic to excited.

Prussia groaned, his fingers massaging the bridge of his nose. "I'm Prussia, I can hold my liquor just fine," he hissed to himself, quickly reaching for a lone bottle of Coors calling out to him from beside a few empty cups. He was going to enjoy himself tonight one way or another.


You huffed; leaning against the wall as other people danced their hearts out was starting to get boring. You wanted to go out there and dance a little, but the majority of people dancing were guys, with only a few girls in the middle of the crowd. But perhaps you could avoid the really perverted ones if you stay near the outside of the crowd; most of them were in the middle, dancing with the girls. Just as you were about to make your move into the crowd, someone appeared in your line of vision, red eyes immediately catching you attention; it was Spain's friend Prussia.

"Good party, huh?" you heard Prussia speak loudly over the sound of the blaring music. Nodding, you tried to pry your eyes away from his entrancing red orbs, but it proved futile as you felt you were being hypnotized by their glimmer.

"Can I have this dance?" he asked with a small grin on his lips, a single hand outstretched towards you. Your eyes peered down at the calloused, large hand. It looks rough and cold, the pale tint to his skin only seemed to add the effect of the hand being slightly frosted; and yet he offered it so warmly. Perhaps just one dance would do you some good, to get you out of your seemingly insecure nature.


"Come on, one more!" Prussia encouraged you, handing you yet another Solo cup of beer, supplied by the albino himself. You had already drunk three cups of beer like he requested. You knew that he was attempting to get you intoxicated for certain reasons, but you didn't know what extent those reasons went to. Did he just want to see what you looked like drunk, or was he planning something different?

"Alright, but this is the last one," you told him, your mind only faintly fuzzy.  Despite the fact you had already had a few drinks, you didn't feel as if it was affecting you. The only thing that felt different was the fact your head felt lighter.

The Prussian grinned widely, his fingers twitching against the plastic cup. As he extended his hand towards you, offering the cup, his grin was twisted and menacing. You quirked an eyebrow, giving him an odd stare. You didn't like the look on his face, and you could only imagine what he was thinking at the moment.

As you reached your hand out to grab the cup, Prussia suddenly lunged the plastic forward, spilling nearly all the contents onto your clothes. You gasped as the cold, fizzy drink soaked your clothes to the skin where it landed, blotching most of your chest and the top half of your pants. You could already feel it getting sticky to your skin.

"Prussia!" you barked in a threatening voice as he simply doubled over, laughing his prodigious, boisterous laugh.

"Don't worry, fraulein, I'll help you clean up," he offered, setting the cup down as he stood from his spot on the couch. You also stood from the couch, your face heating up brightly as a few others chuckled. You huffed, starting up the stairs towards Spain's bathroom. "Do you know where you're going, liebling?" Prussia asked as he followed you up the stairs, his footsteps right on your heels.

"Yeah, I've already been to the bathroom once," you explained. Behind you, snickering was heard as you stepped up from the last step, starting down the hall. You rolled your eyes, ignoring his odd laughing as you reached for the doorknob of the bathroom.

Suddenly a hand clasped over your mouth as an arm twisted around your waist tightly, pulling your head back lightly into an unbalanced position. Your eyes flew open as hot breath trickled down your ear.

"We're not going to the bathroom, liebling~ I have other plans," Prussia spoke from behind you, starting to pull you away from the door towards the other door, obviously a bedroom. You could feel your stomach sink as you realized his intentions. Thrashing around, you tried to break free of his grip; however, he had a firm grip on you. Until he had to open the door, but he managed to keep your head close to his as he opened the door to the bedroom, dragging you into it.

As soon as you were in the room, he released you, turning around and locking the door. You immediately looked back at him, surprise in your eyes. He simply chuckled at this, quickly throwing his shirt off to reveal a slightly slim build. He didn't have that much muscle on his body, but you could still see the definition to his body.  He simply grinned as your eyes subconsciously scanned over his bare torso before meeting his ruby red orbs.

"Like what you see?" He moved closer to you, causing you to back up. Then, he stepped to the right suddenly, continuing to close in on you as he remained facing you. Reflexing, you stepped to the left, keeping your body facing his as you backed up. Suddenly the back of your knees hit something solid. You looked down for a brief second before looking back up to see Prussia dashing at you. You shrieked as his hands came into contact with your shoulders, shoving you down onto the bed as he climbed over you, straddling your waist.

Your hands fought back against him as he grabbed the hem of your shirt, yanking it ungracefully over your head, tossing it somewhere else. Your face heated as you suddenly tried to cover your chest, holding onto the bra tightly. His hands followed, grabbing onto your hands and prying them from your chest. Putting both of your wrists into one of his hands, he quickly looked around, spotting a dresser within arm's reach. Quickly, he leaned over, opening the drawer and finding a few business ties.

"I'm not sure when Spain started wearing these things, but I think I'll find a good use for them," he grinned, grabbing three and setting them on the bed beside him.

"And just what do you think you're going to do with those?" you glared at him, cheeks burning hotly. He simply grinned, grabbing a dark blue and black swirled tie and wrapping it around your wrists, swiftly releasing his hand and tightening the tie around them. He then quickly tied a knot as you tried to get out of the restraint.

"That, and this." As the words left his lips, he grabbed a cheerful red color with golden stitching and placed it over your mouth, using his fist to lift your head forcefully as he tied it around your head. You protested, but your words were only muffles, your body growing suddenly warm. "Now no one will hear you screaming." He sighed, "and I was really looking forward to hearing you scream, fraulein, but I just can't take that risk of having the rest of the house hear us. This is like our bonding time," he spoke with a slight grin.

"Now, to get down to business," he spoke as he crawled back, climbing off of the bed. You sat up a little to see what he was doing. He locked eyes with you and grabbed the hem of his pants, quickly undoing the button and pulling the zipper down. You then looked away, looking back up at your hands as you tried to find a way to loosen the knot around your wrist. You tugged against them as clothes rustled at your feet, your heart rate souring through the roof. You didn't want this to happen, or, at least not in this way. If you were going to lose your v-card to someone, you didn't want it to happen at a friend's party, let alone in his bedroom.

Your thoughts were torn from you as you felt hands grabbed your jeans, quickly unbuttoning them and yanking them down. Unfortunately, his fingers hooked the elastic of your panties as he did this, pulling down both articles of clothing at the same time. Once he yanked them off of your feet, you felt the bed creak lightly as he crawled back onto it, the mattress giving way to his weight as his knees stopped at your ankles. You froze, feeling his cold hands glide across your shins, moving to your knees. They then snaked around to the back of your knees, prying them apart against your straining to keep them closed. He growled as you reclosed them, spreading them forcefully again and forcing himself in between your knees so that you could close them.

"Don't be so jumpy, fraulein. I promise it's going to be a wild experience," he chuckled, his hands moving to your inner thighs were he kept them apart, bending his top half over. You flinched as he blew cold breath onto your heated region, shivering lightly as he continued. Your stomach was tied in an elaborate chain of knots, waiting for him to do something. You froze at what you had just thought.

Do I actually want him to do this to me?

Suddenly his tongue ran roughly across your lips, causing you to mewl and writhe at his actions. You could practically feel his smirk as he repeated his action more roughly, pressing his slimy muscle harder and harder into your core. You continued to twist in annoyance; you wanted him to just get it over with and not tease you so bad.

Prussia could see your irritation and chuckled, debating on untying the tie around your mouth or just getting down to what he was there for. Deciding on the latter, he thrust his tongue inside, swirling and rubbing as your back suddenly arched off the bed, your legs quivering in his hands. A muffled moan vibrated the cloth around your mouth, your breathing through your nose getting quicker. He loved everything about it; your panting, your writhing, your taste. He couldn't wait to see what you would do about his other tool of pleasure.

The build-up of pleasure was starting to cramp inside your stomach. You couldn't deny yourself, it was actually very pleasuring what he was doing, especially when he flicked his tongue just right. Before you could release the tension in your lower abdomen, he pulled back and sat up, licking his lips. You were about to move when suddenly the absence of his tongue was filled with something longer. You gasped as his two digits penetrated you further, curling and pumping in and out of you at an unstable rate.

Back arching off the bed once more, you felt Prussia's free hand travel up your stomach to your clothed breasts, reaching under the left side and groping the mound voraciously as his fingers continued to work. They always say that men aren't supposed to be able to multi-task successfully, but he was blowing this theory out of the water. Soon your felt his hand leave your breast as it traveled down your body to side of your thigh where he gave it a good whack. You flinched and moaned at the stinging sensation, but you couldn't say it hurt; it actually felt good. Prussia took the moaning as an incentive and gave you another whack.

All of a sudden his fingers left your core, leaving you once again feeling empty. You mewled in protest, your breath coming out in heavy gasps through your nose. "Already breathing this hard and we haven't even started," Prussia chuckled, grabbing onto your knees and hoisting your legs over his shoulders as he leaned over you, his entire top half hovering above you, his hands propping him up from either side of your shoulders. You looked into his glazed eyes, seeing the crazed, animalistic look in them, his smirk to match his features. "Ready or not, liebling, here comes my five meters~"

Rolling his hips forwards, his member was suddenly pressing into your core, penetrating it further than you ever imagined. You groaned loudly, your head twisting to the side as you gritted your teeth behind the tie, your breathing labored. It wasn't five meters, thank goodness, but it didn't feel far from. Prussia groaned at the new sensation, a throaty groan emitting from his lips as he rolled his hips into your again. You could feel some form of liquid building up in the edge of your eyes from the pain, but you didn't think they were strictly from the pain.

A deep, hot breath left the albino's lips as he suddenly started a rhythm, not caring that you weren't ready for what he was going to give you. His mind was focused on pleasure, not compassion. At first the rhythm was slow and rough, his hips grinding into yours ruthlessly. Then, it began to speed up. You weren't ready for his attack, and so pain shot up your legs with nearly every thrust; however, you weren't complaining. The pain sent shivers down your sweaty spine and made the hair on your dampened arms reach for the sky. It felt odd to you, but thrilling. And the idea of having your wrists tied together and your voice muffled by a tie around your mouth only thrilled you more.

Prussia continued to thrust, stretching your walls in a painfully pleasuring way, groans leaving his lips, his upper lip garnering perspiration as he rocked the mattress with his strength. You groaned as your first release hit you like a ten foot wave, your body growing tight as you shook. His mind was blurring, his vision clouding as he could feel his own release growing near. He knew he wouldn't last much longer, so he decided to try to elongate his pleasure for as long as possible.

Suddenly he pulled out, his hands shakily holding your waist. You groaned at the loss and slightly at the painful throbbing in your burning lower regions. He then picked you up by waist, bringing you with him as he climbed off the body. He tried to hold your lithe body, directing you towards the dresser. When he got near, he swept his arm across the wooden surface, knocking the alarm clock and few other electronic things off, leaving the surface clear.

"Bend over," he ordered turning you so that you faced the dresser, his hand on your back. Nodding, you bent over, your clothed chest pressing against the clothed surface, your hands tucked underneath you and your legs spread slightly. You felt one of Prussia's hands hold your hip while his other hand was missing. You were slightly curious, but understood when you felt his member realign with your dripping entrance. As soon as he began to push his way in, his hand returned to your hip, where he yanked you back against him, completely sheathing himself inside you again with a groan. You moaned as well, laying your damp cheek against the cold wood of the dresser as he regained his pace, pulling out and thrusting back into you. Only this time, he seemed to go a little harder.

You moaned as he continued to thrust into you from behind, his slick hips meeting your rear loudly. He then bent over, his hips slowing their motions for a moment as he panted into your ear.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were enjoying this," he breathed heavily into your ear, a grin on his lips. You simply moaned as his hips hit just right, sending your stomach into a fit of flips. He let out a breathy chuckle as he sped up, letting his top half press against yours as his arms wrapped around your stomach tightly, his mouth latching onto your neck as he continued to frantically thrust. Your vision began to shift and swirl as he found the certain spot that pushed you over the edge, your moaning getting louder. A pounding beat against your ears, but you weren't sure if it was your heartbeat or the dresser being slammed into the wall from the force of Prussia's hips.

With one more thrust, you felt the knots in your stomach snap from tension, a deep moan escaping your lips as your body trembled through your second release. A growl erupted from Prussia as he suddenly slowed, his body shaking violently. Your insides suddenly felt warm and full, your body relaxing and once again growing limp.

"Verdammt, that was awesome," he panted with a chuckle. "Let's get cleaned up now," he spoke as he untied the two ties around your wrist and mouth. The sound of your heavy panting was music to his ears. He picked up both of your clothes and started towards the bathroom, pausing to turn and smirk. "If you think it's over, your sorely mistaken, liebling," he chuckled as he stepped into the connecting bathroom. "With the sound of the water running, I'm really going to make you scream."


-Extended Ending-
(The next day)

"Prussia, how could you do that to mi amiga?! And in MI CAMA?!?!"

"Don't worry, Spain. It wasn't just in the bed."
:bulletblue: Request from ~Krina531 for a Prussia X Reader lemon where Prussia forces the reader into it, and the reader is masochist. So, I decided to write it ^^ And this is the result.

This is a forced lemon, but the reader DOES end up enjoying it, hopefully. I also love the extended ending personally xD I can just see Spain having a heart attack when he found out Prussia and his friend were mating on his bed. :eyes: And other places~

liebling-dear (endearing term)
mi cama- my bed

Hetalia (C) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Plot (C) :iconsy62697:
Request (C) :iconkrina531:
You (C) :iconprussiarapefaceplz:
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Thought it was over.
Saw last line with bathroom.
Make a sequel please and romantic
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When i read the title:Prussia...blah , blah...Forced lemon *huge gasp*l'm gonna read this...i'm such a perv ;-; i can't help it.*mega gasp* Prussia invaded you'r vital region!
*Extreme nosebleed* I'm uhm... A masochist..... Myself..... And uhm... Before... I die of blood loss..... I wanted... To ....s-say... Thank you for a wonderful stor-- *dies of blood loss*
KittyKirkland Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hot!? Not even close? :burning:
blackdreamer17 Feb 10, 2014  Student Writer
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Last line: me estoy muriendo de la risa XD
Better than 50 Shades of Grey.
Lol!! :iconclapplz: I agree with you!
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