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December 26, 2013


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-Secret santa gift! Sorry it's late, but I hope you like it!

**DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Hetalia, the Characters, or the Reader!**


Today you had taken an escapade to visit your dear friend Kiku Honda at his own home: you had even donned a kimono he gave to you for Christmas the past year. As you were allowed into his humble abode, you immediately found him in what appeared to be the living room, surrounded by several cups of herbal mixtures and scrolls. There appeared to be around ten cups.

"Hey, Kiku. What's all this for?" you politely asked him, sitting down on a mattress you spotted on the outside of all the concoctions.

His dull, deep chocolate brown orbs moved up from their current task to return the stare you were giving him. Your eyes met and you couldn't help but smile out of reaction. He then returned the smile before continuing his task of reading the scrolls and moving the cups of herbal mixtures.

"I am trying to connect with my other self, but it is taking me a very long time," he explained. Instantly your curiosity got the best of you and you leaned forward, craning your neck to see what kind of things he was reading.

"Other self?" you asked, hoping he would elaborate on the subject for you.

"Yes; there are several different 'other selves' one possesses, but I am looking to the other me that does not come from this world. I cannot meet him physically or mentally, so I must meet him spiritually." Your eyes were gleaming with awe as he explained about his plans. You didn't even know this kind of thing was possible!

"That's amazing!"

"Yes, I believe it will be a great boon in the future, but it may also be a great mistake. I am ignorant of how this will end, or what my other self is like. If he is like me, then we will be fine. But if he is not, and is malicious, I will be having some terrible nightmares," he spoke with a small shudder.

Nodding in agreement, you watched Kiku continue his ritual and prepare everything. You weren't sure what was going to happen, but that made the situation that much more exhilarating.

"Alright, I am ready to commence. I will fall asleep while I am performing this, so please make sure no one wakes me...I may not return if I am woken too soon."

"O-Of course, Kiku! Just, please be careful," you told him with a genuine smile. His lips curled into a small smile of their own before he lit the liquid inside the cups on fire with a small torch. You gasped in awe as the flames danced in an array of colors, mostly in shades of green, blue, yellow, and purple. As you gawked, you failed to notice Kiku was already sitting upright, sleeping peacefully.

It seemed like hours went by as you waited for Kiku to awake. Your legs had fallen asleep, so you stood and walked around to get the blood flowing back into your limbs. Even though it had only been thirty minutes, it felt like several hours of anticipation. You were so curious to see how this played out, but time just wasn't moving fast enough.

Suddenly, the room turned from a shade of green and blue to a solid glow of red. Eyes wide, you turned back to Kiku to see all the flames were burning an unnaturally bright shade of cherry red. You then returned to the mattress and sat excitedly, your heart racing. Was it supposed to change colors like that? You then noticed Kiku's face was contorted in what looked like pain, his forehead perspiring heavily. This worried you.

Then, not a second later, one of the flames sent a burst of fire towards Kiku. You held your breath as it made contact with his chest, but caused to harm as it dissipated into thin air. Then, another small ball of crimson flames was shot towards you. Not reacting fast enough, you felt the flame hit your chest. A sudden warmth filled your body, flowing through your blood to your extremities. Your ears began to ring mercilessly and your heart palpitated rapidly: you could feel your heartbeat in your eardrums.

Suddenly, everything went quiet. The flames dissipated into small streams of rising smoke, and the room went dark. A loud gasp was heard as Kiku woke, his eyes wide with what looked like fear. His eyes locked with yours.

"_____, what color did the flames turn?" His question was more of a demand. His hands were placed on the hardwood floor in front of him as he braced himself, panting. You still felt the shock of what happened, and found your words stuck in your throat.

"T-they were green, Kiku. And blue and purple and yellow."

"I know that, but did they change at all?" His tone sounded desperate.

"Yeah, red. Kiku, what's going on?"

His face turned angry as his eyes landed on the floor. "And did anything weird happen?"

"A bit of fire was shot out and but your chest," you told him.

His eyes locked with yours: they were wide with worry. "Did it hit you?"

"Yes, but what will happen? It didn't hurt of anything," you told him. He then stood from his mattress, his body shaking violently.

"_____, you must leave immediately!" He cried out, slowly backing away from you. Your eyes widened as fear consumed you.

"What?! Why-"

"I did not connect with him, I released him. He is still trapped within my spirit, but he moves through those that have holes in their own spirits. That flame put a hole in your spirit and mine, _____, and he wants yours. Those holes are perfect escape routes, and I know not what he is capable of, but he is powerful. I'm sorry for what I've done, _____, but the holes will heal with time. So please, leave before it's too late!"

Without knowing how to respond, you turned on your heel and began to run out of the house. You ran through his flower garden, tears leaking from your eyes.

What have you gotten yourself into?


Your legs felt like fire, your lungs were just as strained and worn out from the enduring run to your house, and your head felt light from lack of oxygen. Everything was slowly sinking in, like a stick in quicksand.

You were running around with a hole in your soul, and despite how whimsical it sounded, you were confronted with a very real danger of having your soul invaded by Kiku's "other self".

As you walked into your home, mind swimming in circles, you noticed a red blinking light on your home phone, signaling a voice message.

"_____, it's Kiku. I presume that you left in time, but if you have strange dreams, or if you see me, try to wake up and call me at once... Please be careful."

Is that how the other Kiku will connect with you: through your dreams? What was he going to be like? Just from the little you heard of Kiku, he wasn't a very nice guy. You just hoped you wouldn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to give your friend Kiku a jingle.


It was impossible to avert the situation any longer, you would have to fall asleep sooner or later. It was already midnight for Pete's sake! So, you decided to give in to your body's desires and drift into a world of sleep. Besides, you might not even have anything to worry about.

Well, other than that strange, spiraling mark on your chest.


Finally, I am able to meet you, dear _____. Oh how I've waited for this moment.

What? Who is that? Show yourself!

Only as you wish, my darling~

Suddenly, your eyes opened to see yourself in a vast void, standing on apparently nothing but murky air. It appeared as if it were dark smoke surrounding you, not complete darkness, but no form of light was visible. And about ten feet in front of you, stood a shadowed figure that began to grew closer in propinquity. You squinted your eyes until the figure halved the distance between you, shrouded in swirling shadows.

"Hello?" you asked with uncertainty, leery of the strange figure before you. The flickering shadows around the man began to dissipate into the background, slowly revealing their identity from their feet up.

Their shoes were polished and black, their slick pants very clean and smooth, their jacket very uniform and resembling that of a position towards the top of the military hierarchy, and their face smooth and pale. Your eyes widened as ruby red orbs stared back at you, followed by the uncovering of raven black hair, cut squarely. The man before you looked identical to Japan, but his eyes and clothes were different.

"A-are you the other side of Kiku?" you inquired from the man before you, scanning his body from top to bottom. The feeling was strange, seeing a man that looked almost identical to your Japanese friend.

"Hai, I am Kuro Honda. I am from an alternate dimension, and I know all about you," he gave a closed-mouth grin, stuffing his hands into his jacket pocket. The shift in his shoulders caused small strips of golden leather to shake lightly.

"How?" you asked once again, standing mystified at the man sending you a smoldering gaze.

"When I was summoned, I was welcome into Kiku's thoughts and memories, so I took advantage of that. I know everything he remembers, and anything he may have thought. It appears that he harbors some feelings for you, but not the feelings I would have expected. He and I share a similar interest in you, _____, but I'm the one that wants you the most. When I saw all those memories of you, I just couldn't wait to meet you in person-or, spirit- and see you with my own eyes."

He then began to walk closer to you across an invisible platform of spiritual presence, his right hand leaving his pocket in favor for reaching out to you, fingers extended fully. You simply froze, eyes wide with fear and anticipation; his actions were very intriguing. Casually, his fingers gently caressed the area of your chest, just above your bosom, where the flame had entered your body. He seemed to be mesmerized, eyelids drooping heavily as his eyes softened.

Then, he pointed his index finger to the top of your t-shirt, dragging it down towards your chest. Your (color) eyes widened greatly when you noticed your shirt silently tearing open in the path his finger traveled, revealing your silky skin until a decent amount of cleavage was displayed. You almost didn't notice his shark-like grin.

"It looks beautiful on your body, that mark does. It is my mark, the one that is branded onto the bodies of those souls I possess," he began to explain, his fingers once again ghosting over the crimson tinted mark. "It means that I can enter into your psyche whenever I please, and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

"But...that doesn't mean that you can hurt me, right?" you asked with a crack in your voice; he chuckled at the pitch of your tone."

"No, I cannot physically cause harm, but I will be there in your mind for as long as I desire. You will hear me, but you will not able to see me unless you are dreaming. And when you do dream, expect me to be here to greet you, every night."

A gasp escaped your mouth as your body was suddenly pulled to his by an unnatural force in your back, shoving you into his chest. His arms reacted by quickly encasing you in an embrace, his hand pressing against your lower back while the other gripped your shoulder.

"I control your dreams now, your dreams and everything you do in them." Your arms wrapped around his neck involuntarily, like you were no longer controlling your limbs. "You and I are going to have so much fun together, _____~. I can hardly wait~"
I seriously hope Kuro's not OOC! I wrote this on my iPhone whenever I was on the road, so I didn't look back and proof it as much as I should have. If you see any mistakes, let me know! Thanks!

This is a secret santa gift for *PokeBW4Evr, who I know usually likes the dark and 2P! versions of Japan xD I still have a commission to finish of hers, so I'm hoping this will make up for such a long wait, kind of like an apology. Because I'm still working on it, but it'll be a bit longer since I lost my current work :iconcryforeverplz: And I'm working on prizes for a reader insert contest...still...:iconimdeadplz:

But yes, I have a few more things to finish! But, this is it for my secret santa gifts xD I hope you all look forward to my other work!

Hetalia (C) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (C) :iconsy62697:
Reader (C) :icon2pjapanplz:
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